What is the most impressive natural phenomenon you have ever experienced?

I was standing in the bathroom three days ago brushing my teeth as I looked out the window.It was unweered and I had seen some flashes here and there, followed by hushed.

Suddenly, 50 meters further, in the garden of the neighbors, insanely hard bang, the ground was shaking and I was flinging back from the window.

It was as if a heavy bomb had fallen.


A day later the whole neighborhood was talking about it.

I always laughed about it, but from now on, take warnings in thunderstorms very seriously.

I once spent half an hour all alone, in the jet Black Night, on top of the (dead) volcano Haleakala.

At that place a lot of tourists come at sunset (there is a road of 60 km from sea level to the top, and a large parking lot exactly at the highest point), but I wanted to see the starry sky there too. All the auto s in the parking lot on one after were quickly departed after the sun had disappeared. And the two others with whom I had rented a car had not really dressed up on the night (once the sun is under, the temperature drops very fast to the freezing point). So they also stepped into the car and left me alone to use the stove.

The moonless night became so dark that at some point I could no longer recognise the constellations among all the other stars.And so dark that I could only see that I still had a hand through the gaps between the stars I saw as I kept him up between my eyes and the sky.

Only on a mountain you feel so very small in the universe.

I doubt between the earthquake of Pisco in Peru which has struck me with tremendous fear, despite my childhood I have also experienced five major quakes and I remained relatively calm, or the hurricane, or rather, typhoon in the Philippines that looses our heavy cargo and Could have sunk the ship.In This case, I was also calm and behind the wheel during the rescue operations of the crew.

But since I had experiences with earthquakes and are familiar with the way of how the earth shakes during such a phenomenon, it surprised me altogether.The bottom went back and forth, and not as if used up and down. In addition, I was there in Lima because of the death of my father, so not determined in a sparkling mood, it was horribly dirty ugly weather and very cold (yes, Lima can be cold) a fog of I have you there, almost thick drizzle in fact, but the allergen The most terrible were the vultures, black mini condors (Gallinazo) that were circling above my head. An apocalyptic image. But maybe I grabbed this so hard because I was only in Lima, and my four children in the Netherlands.

As far as the storm is concerned.I run on a Dock Express ship, I think Dock Express 11, one of three sister ships. We had material from a Japanese dredging company including two large steel pontoons that were welded to deck and also had heavy machinery on their deck, in addition many loosely well as cranes, bulldozers, driving pontoons stacked up, pipelines Stacked up etc. And that all became somewhat by little looser at every move of the ship.

But the worst were the two large pontoons, the welds tore and the pontoons would then move freely on the loading deck with the result that the whole ship would be opened from the inside.

Since I had already heard such a horror story of a sailor who sailed on an older model ship van Der Laan (which later became Dock Express, and later Dockwise), and in the vicinity of Indonesia during a typhoon the ship broke in half, thus transverse , and was held together by that one piece of cargo that was also welded on deck.A cigar-similar ‘ Stressvessel ‘ on two benches (legs). And we carry without shutters as well.

This gives one an idea of how the ship loads.DOCK EXPRESS 11-IMO 7716517

A green storm air in the Chartreuse France.

A cloud formation-two giant swans spread over which I stood under

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