What is the most crazy diet you have ever done?

The diet I’m currently following, actually.:-) And it works!

At this moment I eat practically nothing that has a sweet taste.It does not matter whether there is sugar in it or not, but whether it has a sweet taste or not. I have been doing that for several years now and has made me 20 kilos lighter…

How it works?Well, sweet flavors have a somewhat addictive effect because the body reacts to it. A sweet taste is noticed and the body then proceeds to create endorphins and other dust to reward you for that. Then you’ll feel more like sweet flavors and go through food.

In short, you get more appetite of sweet flavors.

Because I am almost completely in love with sweetness, I also notice that I have more than enough of three meals a day, no more snacks, or glasses of fresh or coffee/tea with sugar.My need to eat is greatly reduced and I also don’t think about eating all the time.

In addition, I notice that certain things still taste best sweet.Peppers, for example. Yes, also the normal yellow, green, red and orange peppers. But also certain types of mustard and peanut butter. I’m a lover of the Creamy Calve peanut butter until I suddenly started noticing that this is pretty sweet. Logically, because there is sugar in it to make it creant. So now I’m on normal peanut butter over.

Some people stop taking sugar but then throw stevia or other sweetened everywhere to keep the sweet taste.Stupid, stupid, stupid! Your body will continue to ask for more… Stopping all the sweet flavors is tremendously difficult in the beginning and you should actually slow this down for the best result. But if it succeeds it can be tremendously effective!

White bread, white rice, white pasta, no raw vegetables… Ha, you now think that this is not a diet but a stupid deviation.

A few years ago I came home after surgery and made my gut the sound of a rotating washing machine.It was as if I was wearing the sports slippers and the socks felt dokkeren.

GP sends me to rush, Rush sends me to internist.And so I recommend to eat for a whole time which is generally considered unhealthy. Plus another pill of which I forgot the name.

It has helped against the rumbling of the washer drum in my belly.And luckily I haven’t fallen off. I weigh 40 kilos for years…

I do not do to hyping diets, if I arrive too fast in weight I go for a few days on a water diet, 3, 4 or 5 days long just drink water/coffee/tea, and many caloric dietary fibers take sugar-free BVB.Psyllium fibers or isphagula fibers to fill my stomach and so do not suffer hunger. Works well.
“Normally” I use almost no sugar, very much (500 to 700 GR/day) low-starch vegetables, some fruit, nice piece of meat/fish/Chicken no candy, no soda, actually also almost no fruit juices (sugar!), very little carbohydrates (no potatoes, bread , rice, pasta, noodles, sweet potatoes, corn, quorn) Then I keep my weight up.

The most crazy diet I did with had a useful reason:

In The final phase, after animal testing, medications are tested for people.Manufacturers use human subjects for this purpose.

I was such a test person for what is now called ‘ prednisone ‘.I am an asthma patient.

To measure the action of swallowed Prednisone I was put on a diet.Everything was weighed up in the kitchen of a hospital, where I had to eat it.

All urine and faeces I had to return daily in a separate loft in that hospital.That was analysed.

Also when I traveled I had to gather my ‘ output ‘ on the way.I have done that for months.

For this diet I always had a suitcase with me. Sometimes I bet with new friends or they could guess what that suitcase served.I always won those bets!!!

I think when I was in high school.I only ate snickers and nothing else. I lost about 5 kilos then:) Maybe I should try it again:)

Completely ban carbohydrates.

Man husband man man I got sick of it!And stomach cramps! Eaten one sandwich and I was healed.

Never again.

That was more because there was just no money but I have lived a week at Eh Cruesli also though it has been weeks that I just spent a week bare spaghetti bare rice or bread with peanut butter.Makes me all the same no sucks if I have to smoke and water

No diet:-)
Just Eat good fats (fish, avocado, nuts) and cream butter food (instead of diet, margarine) and move enough.. That’s because you don’t need a diet.

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