What is the most coarse thing you have ever heard about yourself?

A question that obliges me to take an old cow from the canal.

My mother-in-law Onzaliger Memorial was terribly jealous of me.I have realized this much too late and my spouse is too.

She (I so) is ugly.While my husband’s friends couldn’t leave it. And even now (I’m a sixties) I still get regular compliments.

You may (I’m SO) not let the money manage. But I had to pay her hairdresser weekly, one hundred euros in Belgian francs.I heard her say this by chance on the phone, when I picked up the horn on another floor, amazed who my husband talked so long. I have not opposed it. Laf from me and we have seen real black snow later.

You really do have a bad mom (Against my son).But when her ‘ Goldw├╝rmchen ‘ had become sickled at his grandmother’s home, she called my chief editor to say that I had to pick up the little directly. Because I was the mother anyway.

You will also die of cancer. Schoonma spent the last months of her life at my home.She had terminal cancer and in no case wanted to go to the hospital. She ordered me to take her home, because… She was going to leave me very beautiful things. Well, very expensive, eccentric designer clothes, many sizes too big for me. I didn’t have anything, just maybe a little respect. If only a thank you for taking care of bedsores.

I am a mother in law and my son-in-law does not hear you complain;-)

I have not really heard gross things about myself, but people often say nasty things to me.Here are the worst:

“I hope you will die”.I only ask why someone makes so much use of enjambement (in for example a review, description or blog post) and then the same is reacted. Nobody deserves to be so respoken.

“You’re really a kutkind!” That’s what my aunt said to me when I was 10 years old.My grandmother then said that she behaved her whole life. As a child, as a teenager, and now also. She was (and still is) struck on my parents, because they did not have children, to them and her husband. She can’t get children anymore, but they don’t want it, which I find quite weird. We both live in the same village and neither of us intends to move, so we will unfortunately come across many more times.

“Yes, but you have/are…” So what?Just because I have something or am what the “others” don’t have/are, people find that I don’t belong anywhere, that I can’t do anything better, or that I need something right, while it’s just nonsense. Unfortunately, some do not know that we are all one.

“You know what, just commit suicide!” This too is something no one deserves to hear.Moreover, people who say this are sometimes arrested.

“You really need medicine.O wait, for people like you do not exist yet! “Medications for what? Rather stupid that it was not exactly said that I should use “die”.

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