What is the meaning of your life in the world?

As a word that refers to a meaning, my meaning in this world refers to life.I mean, my life in the world means a referral. I mean the intent and refer to the living world. Not dead. Not yet. No more. You have to wash and I have to decrease. Free to Hermann Hesse, where I continue to refer to the answer to this question.

The life of the people, animals, plants and everything that lives in this world has, and this ‘ life after Life ‘, through reincarnation, the intent of spiritual evolution.

When written, that God has created us in his image, this is to say that we are spiritual beings of origin.

“GOD” means “origin of all life.”He has always been there and will always be there. Something that is incomprehensible to the people and also to the spirit world.

He has the 3 power principles in it, namely the ‘ light ‘, the ‘ Love that Wisdom ‘ and the ‘ order ‘.

In This love that is wisdom, he has created from himself a first and only creature that he has given the name of Christ (which means the anointed).

God and Christ have both the masculine and feminine strength in themselves.God is spirit and lives forever and all that has been created.

God gave Christ the title of Lord and King over the entire creation.

Christ is right to God in that sense except that God is the creator and Christ the creature.Christ has done the rest of the creation, but only God can give life in what has been created.

‘ Countless ‘ years ago, this existed before Earth, countless ‘ unruly ‘ spirits (also called angels) together with their captain Lucifer (former monarch of the light) have been cast out of heaven in a spiritual atmosphere that we call the ‘ hell ‘.

This atmosphere answered to the spiritual ‘ institution ‘ of the personalities who were banned in it.

One could not get out of it until, the creator, called God, together with Christ, the God-appointed Lord and King of all creation, had devised a plan to let all the ‘ fallen ‘ spirit beings come back to their Heimat, the heavenly spheres.

The Apoligen had to accept God and Christ again in their lives.This could only go on in a heavier matter than the spiritual, earning their way back to ‘ above ‘ by ‘ falling and standing up ‘.

Thus the matter was created from the spiritual in a large big bang.The road of Materische evolution is known to the people. The only thing is that the earth is not 15 billion years old, but countless years.

When the evolution on Earth was ‘ ripe ‘ to let the first human spirit be born, the materialisation of the first human form was carried out by the angel beings sent by God who had been given the responsibility for this.The 1st human being was a masculine personality. The first spirit that could have been out of hell to live here on Earth was Adam. Later, the 2nd creature, a female creature, was added to it. Especially Eve and the world was populated.

Years went by until the Lord and King of Creation had to overcome the unruly Lucifer here in his realm on Earth, which he did with brilliance.

Since ‘ This redemption ‘, we can all, fallen spirits, by means of reincarnation, return to our heavenly Heimat.

A book I can recommend to all is: ‘ ‘ dealing with God’s spirit world ‘ ‘ by Pastor Johannes Greber.

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