What is the meaning of your first name and who is your favorite namesake?

Laura: It means the with the laurels bekranste, laurel leaf leaves, honour, fame and soul.

And yes, my favorite namesake is of course Laura Ingalls.

My second heroine (after Pippi and for Debbie Harrie haha).

As ethnic Chinese the notions of first name and surname do not apply so to me: Our family name we write for, then follows (follow) one or two characters, or only one that is then the call sign, or two of which one is a generational name, which one shares with All the brothers and cousins (or in women’s sisters and nieces) of father’s side to make clear to which generation one belongs, formerly very important, the other the personal (call) name.

My name is to be heard as Sie Liang Hai, but the insane western oriented Quora system does not allow this.

So Sie dis my surname, the Dutch spelling of the Dialectic Fujian (Hokkian) pronunciation of the character used in Mandarin as shi (the I pronounced as a gentle e just as in “the”) is pronounced

Liang the generation name that I share my brother and cousins of Father’s side, means “good”

Finally, my personable call sign Hai, means “sea”

In The old days one had great families, so my youngest aunt was younger than my eldest sister, yet we all talked to her as “aunt”.

That is why it is important to be able to resolve one’s name right away to what generation one belongs to, the right title has traditionally always been very important.

My first name is Eve (speak it as EEF, please), which is a variant of Eva, a figure from the Bible.As Wikipedia says:

According to the Tenach and the Bible, Eve is the first woman made by God, from a rib of the first man, Adam.

Her name, actually Chavah, is also known as “Heva”, is only mentioned in Genesis 3:20 and 4:1, and also in 2 Corinthians and 1 Timotheus. Chavah is Hebrew for life giving, in other words, she is the tribe mother of the human sex.

So it is a corruption of a name that is in itself a corruption, and the meaning is very beautiful.Now I have not so much with the Judeo-Christian traditions, as these are always cited by the Christian parties (thanks, Buma), so the mythological Eve also leaves me cold. But there is one name that I am proud to share with, namely:

Mitochondrial Eve | Mitochondrial Eva

In other words, a woman named by scientists is because she is the most recent common matrilinear ancestor of all now living people. She lived 150,000 years ago, somewhere in Africa, and although never found a body or anything like that, we all have her (mitochondrial) DNA.Her existence is therefore an assumption, but it is a very gift.She was first mentioned in a paper of genetics Rebecca Cann (et al.) from 1987.

A fictional name that I find very cool comes from one of my favorite books.Well, I say name, but we only share an origin, because her name is Chava, the Jewish version of Eve. Chava is a golem in the book De Golem and The Djinn, by Helene Wecker. She must pretend to be a human being, but has difficulty in conceiving all the nuances of human interactions and is therefore an outsider. Well, I can find myself somewhere.

As a Catholic baptised boy, I of course have a holy name as an official first name: Francis.I am so called because I am the eldest son and so named after my paternal grandfather. That was the way it used to be. My father was also an eldest son and named after his grandfather, even a Francis. So it is a coincidence that I have the same first name as my father and his father.

I do not know which Saint Francis I am called.There are at least four. But the best known is of course Francis of Assisi. And it was called Francis as a reference to the land of the Franks, where his father’s family came from. Frank, means freedom loving, courageous.

Favorite namesake…

French, my call sign, I have never found a great name.Especially not because I come from Utrecht. The Utrecht A-sound in ‘ Fraaansie ‘ is quite a bit the ugliest vowel I know. It is formed in the back of the mouth, is an elongated intersection between an A and an e. Between a R and an n is he sounds even more uglier for some reason than in for example ‘ Staetsie ‘ (Uterec me Staetsie). Frans van Dusschoten, dear Man hear, but for me not inspiring. French German, Frans Derks, well on their premises, but it’s all just not for me.

Francis, my very first name, does not have that disadvantage.Francis of Assisi is also the only Christian saint outside of Christ and Mary, whose name day is celebrated all over the world: October 4, World Animal Day. So it is eligible. He was a bit of a rebel, who tried from within, so without separating himself, to steer the Catholic Church in the right direction: more mercy, less power politics, more giving and less taking. As the present Pope Francis tries to follow. Also no bad namesake.

My name means something like soft, woolly.The latter is rather ironic, because the only other Lana I know personally is like me vegan, so we don’t use wool:D Of all the famous Lana’s I don’t really know so much, so I choose the aforementioned vegan Lana as my favorite namesake.

My name is “Shayn”, which is a verzia of the Irish name “Se谩n” which means “Jaan” on Dutch.”Jaan” comes nusure from the Hebrew name “Jochanan”.

The name “Shayn” is the Northern Irish Verzia of “Se谩n” and was very popular in Australia when I was born.I don’t know who my favorite namesake would be, I don’t know so many other “Shayn’s” (or Shane’s, the name become more often like “Shane” written). Shane Warne is a famous cricket player but that doesn’t interest me so much.

But I have more than one first name.I am Jewish, and we have the habit of giving two names to our children-a name for everyday use a a Hebrew name. My Hebrew name is “Shlomo” (Salomon) one with my Hebrew name I enjoyed more interesting name. Maybe my favorite is the singing Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. The original King Shlomo is also not a bad preve of my name, I believe.

Ren茅 means the Born-again.My favourite namesake is Ren茅 van de Kerkhof. Former striker of PSV and the Dutch national team. Have ever been able to meet him in the skybox at the PSV stadium that he explode.

The second is Ren茅 van der Gijp.Former striker of PSV and the Dutch national team.

Weird coincidence that it’s both old PSV’ers.I’m not such an avid fan.

Anthony is derived from the Greek “Anthos”, which means “flower”.For example also think of “Anthology”, an anthology. My favorite namesake is Anthony “Tony” Banks, the keyboardist of the band Genesis.

My first name means in Hebrew “Yahweh is merciful”.My favorite namesake?The Little John! The Little John-Wikipedia