What is the main means to prevent me from a deadly auto-collision come?

What I am always very surprised about is how some people, where you never saw anything of aggression, suddenly show all the signs of a dangerous psychopath when they find that they are being wronged in traffic.Their whole behavior strikes when someone is doing for example to bumper. Which is obviously irritating and dangerous. But to get carried away in a life-threatening game, where the injured party is full on the brake, allowing the offender to shoot right in an attempt to come to the other car and do the same: to stand full on the brake, my mind cannot be there. And so there are a lot of circumstances where the brakest people suddenly lose sight of everything that is dear to them to go along in a dangerous pot of traffic aggression. In other words, if people irritate you, keep yourself calm.

Also the honking fool who will blame you for keeping you at the speed, making him/her a few minutes later, letting it do is the best strategy.

Whether it is true I do not know, but acquaintances from Maastricht always tell me that these matters are much more common in Belgium than in the Netherlands.

What has been established is that this occurs mainly just before and just after work.Just before, because its own safety and that of all other road users must depart to avoid five minutes late to arrive at work. Just after, to avoid being able to relax for five minutes less long.

Don’t get caught up here, people’s lives are more important.

For the rest, you cannot avoid everything, but you can do everything to avoid the chance of an accident.You do this again by driving defensively. I myself got a total of literally just a single speed penalty. I drove 78 where 70km/h was allowed. That also has to do with my panic for Speed devils. There are people I refuse to step into the car, however much they find that as an insult to their (overrated) driving art, it does not interest me. Once you have worn like half a gare, you have lost me for good as a passenger.

An extremely deep hatred I cherish against people who, even in the vicinity of schools, do not take a whistle of the fact that the severely imposed speed limit is not there to pass the Treasury, but because my and your children can go to school there.The following tip: Be aware of the environment and always adjust your driving behaviour.

Use your medication that affects your responsiveness (sleep and tranquicizers, anxiety inhibitors, strong painkillers, certain antidepressants,..), in the package leaflet the warning is there for a reason.From the moment someone is hurt, you are checked for alcohol in Belgium and a saliva test can be taken. Is that positive, you have to contact your insurance broker, little sense. Even if you have been taking the product for a long time and the side effects are no longer noticeable: provide an alternative transport.

And two more latest tips:

  • Never make the mistake of thinking: 鈧?艙ach for once some drinking, no harm, I have to not go far yet, that have already innumerable far unjustly imagined.
  • Never think: 鈧?艙me it will not overcom 鈧?

That list of divers is also endless. Eh Belt Airbag Maybe a course how do I cope with dangerous traffic situations.

A few options:

  • Go car drive.

The chance that you are fatally injured by a car is bigger outside the car (bikes, scooters, motorbikes) than in it

Fatalities in the Netherlands

  • Drive hard: The number of deaths at high speeds is lower than at low speeds
  • Grab the highway
  • Leave your smartphone at home

The only way I could get up is concentration.

That is the chance that you yourself are causing an accident much smaller. It is impossible to always avoid accidents as the largest number of accidents comes from other drivers.

Drive safely, so always keep enough distance with your front-beam, get in when you’re absolutely sure after watching your mirrors.

Follow the prohibition signs and the mileage restrictions.

Always be notorious on the autostrade that there are racers who drive far too hard.

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