What is the longest period in hours you haven’t slept?

I have never been a big sleeper.To despair of my mother I would never want to snooze or sleep late.

I am the kind of person that never wastes her time with nothing, and at night I am in my element: thinking, creating, writing, reading…..

Right now I sleep up to 6 hours a night, and when I sleep more, I become totally cranky.

Two times in my life I have looked up the boundaries too far:

The first time it was when I had organized 3 different events on one weekend with my burlesque pin-up show.That was 10 years ago, and I have worked 35 hours behind. One of the show was with a lineup of 13 artists, and I had to manage 100 people that night. I am avid against drugs so I have done it all alone, without any chemical help. But when it was all done, and we were back home, with a shoarma sandwich from the nightly sandwich shop in Toulouse, I fell asleep while I brought the food to my mouth.

The second time, was when I became a mother.

I was so ecstatic that I gave a human life that I could not sleep: I had to check if she breathed all the time.

It took 3 days….. And in those 3 days I’ve slept maybe 3 times 15 minutes.

I had asked my ex to “Check the baby”, but as soon as I closed my eyes, I woke up: he snapped next to me, and did not actively face open eyes or the baby still breathed.How did he dare?

So I stayed awake, in my post-baby madness, until one day I had my baby in my arms and I started to fall while I was walking: I fell asleep on foot…. With the baby in my arms.I woke up when I felt her falling. I was so afraid that I stopped her in her father’s arms and I said, you got the lead, I’m going to sleep.

I’m not really proud of myself because I was so mad after childbirth, but really giving life to a human being is something very special.

Be a night man, but don’t sleep.

I believe I haven’t slept the longest 32 hours: It was old year at night 2000-2001, I had service, after midnight the hospital rang that ‘ r had been a fire in Voledam, or I wanted to come.It was the notorious Cafe brand in’t Hemeltje Caf茅 brand Volendam-Wikipedia.The contingency plan (practiced three months in advance) entered into force, everyone was summoned by the telephone operators (some by the director himself), pensioners, former employees who worked elsewhere but still lived in Purmerend were unsolicited their services Offering, heartwarming this solidarity. My colleague who had no service had cleared our intensive care department as much as possible to make way, so I helped with the triage and judging the people who had come to us at their own home. According to the regional contingency plan, the heavily wounded were transported to further hospitals because they knew that we would be flooded with these less severely wounded (“walking wounded”), many of which could have been judged home. We have worked hard all night, in the morning those who had no service went home, a team of the Burns Center Beverwijk consisting of a Burns surgeon, anesthesiologist and Burns nurse Reed-after all night in their Hospital to have worked-past all the hospitals in the area where the victims were hospitalized, dead tired as they were they walked with our surgeon and myself all the patients along to serve us of welcome advice. In the intensive care we only had two ventilation machines, so the five anesthesia machines that had the OK were also used for this. While we were visiting together (walking along the patient), the surgeon from Beverwijk saw that a circular third degree burn on a forearm threatened to clamp down on blood circulation, which would suffer the death of the arm, he grabbed a sterile blade and Cut straight through the crust, causing the blood circulation to be restored, totally painless since all the subcutaneous nerves were burned, this had never seen it do so, a few patients further saw the anesthesiologist that a young man who has breathed after smoke to Observation was recorded severe oxygen shortage came, he asked for an intubation set and brought cold-blooded, smooth and confident a breathing tube through the throat into the respiratory pain of the patient, which was breathed after after the ICU. By half two afternoons (it was Sunday) I was after 32 hours mainly under high tension to have worked dead on, asked the anesthesiologist to “fit in” for me and went to sleep at home. At half-four the phone went again, until the transfer the following Monday morning 8:30 morning the whole night with in between through short hares sleep worked through. I was happy for two weeks then, and could come on. After this very emotional event, “Debriefings” were held in all departments where employees could lose their emotions. Have been there in my free week, it did not come out of solidarity with “my” people, but was afterwards very happy to have attended it, I heard of everything.

A total of 14 people died, one after teenagers between 13 and 19 years old, 241 people had to be hospitalized, 121 people had to be breathed, this exceeded the total available ICU capacity of the whole of the Netherlands, so that many in neighbouring countries Germany and Belgium had to be nursed.This was possible thanks to the huge effort of the coordinator Burns Care in Beverwijk, who arranged all of this for us. After this was arranged this man has become overworked ill, thanks to and hats off to this colleague. Large planned operations had to be postponed throughout the country for weeks, in Purmerend the routine hours of speaking were cancelled for several weeks so that the doctors had time for these seriously ill people. In the year after, an outside Polyclinic Waterland Oost was delivered in Volendam, where the mostly young patients could go for the long-term aftercare.

Maybe this is worth reading for you https://www.impact-kenniscentrum…

48 Hours.It was best.

I was 20 and was full in the exam period at the university.Like many students in the first year, I underestimated the time needed to block all the learning material. The last exam was on Friday morning, I knew when I woke up on Thursday that I would not be ready in time.

What do you do?Hope it does? Skip the last piece of the course? Give up and try again later? No, a night spent studying, of course.

When I completed the exam on Friday morning I woke up for 26 hours.It was the last exam, so afterwards there was no time for sleep. Celebrate!

That party ran out a bit.When I finally lay in my bed it was Saturday 07.00 H, or exactly 48 hours after I got up. The student life, fun time.

I’ve never been tired at that time.Maybe the liters of coffee at night and (afterwards) the beer helped with that.

(And yes, I passed the exam;)

9.5 days = 24 x 9.5 = 228 hours

Then I slept for 2 hours.It is a terrible experience. I was hospitalized for my sleep problem. Those 9.5 days I sat on a chair for the nursing post to prove that it was not a comedy. The tenth day I asked for a sleeping remedy, which was refused to me. Reason: You don’t die of sleep deprivation.

Solution: Have escaped the day after and have taken a prescription for emergencies at home and finally slept for several nights.
“Do you see,” said the psychiatrist, “that it eventually gets alright?”

“What I see is that you are messing up my life, not treating me adequately, and I will have taken away all the time.”

Far I was not sitting next.

4 days, so about 96 hours.

I just had to learn to feel and steer my chi energy.That 4 days I was playing too much and my energy was totally out of balance. That is my theory anyway. I just couldn’t sleep and was not tired at all. I have no other explanation. I was in bed quite the night and was able to meditate deeply, but was still very conscious so I didn’t sleep either without me, as sometimes it can happen.

The third day I began to hallucinate lightly (semi-hallucinations, so no things appearing out of nowhere).I also had auditory hallucinations. I’ve already done many different (psychedelic) drugs, but no drug I’ve ever had auditory, or such a kind of visual hallucinations. The 4th day it became more intense. It was interesting though, but I started to become psychotic by the end. I still couldn’t fall asleep. Luckily I still had a benzodiazepine that got me asleep. The next day everything was back to normal.

The week before the circus stood in front of my door and I heard the same sounds of a clown and drums all the time.I also started to hear them when the circus was not playing. The last day I went to another house for sleep. On the road on the bike I saw things like cartoon figures in trees, moving people in tree trunks (lifelike, but with tree bark texture), a dog on the street that walked to the side and just turned out to be a trash, and the paranoia-like hallucinations where People peeping at me from behind trees and corners.

When I arrived in the other house I could still hear the circus playing outside.I heard it quite real and it came out exactly from outside, not out of my head. After a while, the clowns trumpeter and drums became annoying and they started to go faster and faster. I could steer the sounds slightly, let it go faster or slower, but not turn it off. The end of the day I can not explain well. What was going on in my head was too crazy for words. When I tried to sleep I could suddenly see a dream for my eyes, as if I looked through a window. The people in the dream could see me. But I was ready to wake up. I had the idea that if I were mentally jumping through that window, I would end up in the dream and sleep. That didn’t work and I grabbed that sleeping pill. I feared that that wasn’t going to work, but I then slept like a baby.

Even though I was anxious the last day, I found it an interesting experience.Luckily, in those 4 days I had nothing important to do. That would not have been so much fun. After that I was afraid that if I could not sleep for a day, I would not be able to sleep again the next day. Luckily that didn’t happen again.

60 hours.Just to see how long it could be. (2.5 day) But then I was 24 or so. 🙂

70 hours.

A week.I was then working on my final work and no I have not used any medication or so. After that, 16h slept. I am someone who sleeps little and is already a night skipping leaving 36h/or 48h without sleep.

During a recovery period I found out that I can get to 1h sleep for 3 weeks.I then got someone each time next to me with sleep apnea.

I sleep well and if I don’t sleep well this is good too, therefore I sleep well. The more you want to impose yourself that you have to sleep, you instruct yourself that something that has to happen spontaneously will happen on command. So it doesn’t work, you can’t be on command spontaneously.

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