What is the last thing you bought that made you happy? Why did it made you happy?

A rice cooker.I really wonder why I never bought it before. So much difficult yet not to cook rice? Bag of rice in water, waiting and ready? No, no, no. That’s not the way to make really nice white rice.Too much water makes the rice a flabby watery bite. Buy a rice cooker, the rice was before you cook it, measure the exact amount of water and let the rice in the rice cooker boil and steaming until it is exactly correct. That gives a result that is equivalent to the best Asian restaurants.

Not so much really the last, but what I recently became most happy with is a series of programming books I bought for a pen-girlfriend who doesn’t have the resources to do that myself.What I was happy about was to read that she was seriously working on it and hopefully she will get a better chance of a career.

The most recent than yesterday at a food festival was a delicious burger, which I was quite happy with.For 3 reasons to be precise: I was hungry, it was a very nice burger and there were hot peppers that really added to all my expectations to finish the whole. Definitely the last one was a special pleasant surprise. All in all, I was very happy with yesterday evening moments.

A gift for someone.

The last thing I bought that provided me with a substantial sense of well being was a ticket for a concert of Sting.

For a Quoran who could not afford that, but for two reasons it would be very much wanted.

The last thing I bought for myself that I was happy about?A standard lens for my digital SLR.

Why I was delighted?Because, until the moment I had that lens, I hardly used the camera in question, just because of the lack of that particular lens. The previous one was killed by the fact that the camera with that lens was in a loop against a marble floor. The camera itself had nothing but the lens was total loss.

It was something small that I happened to encounter in a shop where I was just because I loved someone’s company and where my eye and passant fell on.It costs less than five euros, so I took it soon: an adapter to use additional USB ports.

My laptop only has two USB ports: one is almost always put into use by a mouse, the other is recently (last week) seized by an adapter for an Ethernet cable, where my laptop also has no port for it.Of course, this did not release ports for my USB sticks or my handy usb light to illuminate my keyboard. I was always swearing about my shortage of USB ports and then I spotted this suddenly, bought it, tested it out and I saw that it was good.

These are trifles that make me happiest: the little thingies that make life just that little bit simpler; You save a trip down, prevent the wrestling with an extra device.

I am happy with the Ethernet adapter I bought last week, the light, a little holder for my mobile phone of five euros, the new USB cable for my MP3 player, the MP3 player itself (because my mobile phone is too big and too awkward and the battery is empty so fast and I grom Teg and myself but also against others, so it’s better if I have an MP3 player) and then my cat who comes hugging and comes sniffing the news and gives Cups while I smile about what made my life a little bit easier now.

And then I think about it again a week later when I use it and I smile again against myself, because what happiness have I had again, and what is this easy and how did I do it in the past anyway?

Beads.Silver. I put them in my hair and I felt like a baby.

The album Denim and Leather from Saxon on LP.

Since when can buy something to make someone happy.I have never experienced that feeling….

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