What is the last good science fiction movie or TV series you’ve watched?

I have watched “What happened to Monday”.

Very interesting film.

Noomi Rapace plays the seven main roles.I knew her of Millennium what I also liked very well and in which I found her really fabulous.

I also found her in this movie quite nicely, and she really played 7 different women what I really liked to see.

The end is a bit mediocre, but the rest of the movie is really interesting.

It plays in a time of insane overcrowding, in which people are only allowed to get 1 child.If they then get another child (or more), and that is discovered, then that child is taken off and frozen.

Karen Sethman is a mother who dies after getting a 7-ling.Karen’s father keeps the 7-ling alive, and they can all go out 1 day a week (they all have a day-name, and that’s the day they’re allowed to go out).

And then one day Monday will not come home.

VERY nice movie.

The Expanse.Even though the books are much better.

Hah good question.

Last few years I watch almost no series/movies anymore but I am still fan of the original Stargate series.

The genius of that series was that they had so many specialists in service to make the episodes plausible.Just look at the credits of an episode. The science part of science fiction was taken very seriously and that made the series so compelling to me.

I spent a while on Netflix looking at Black Mirror that can be enjoyed. The series takes current technology and then goes a step further to see what the effects of it can be in extremis in the future.

The last film I liked was Her by Spike Jons about a man who falls in love with a robot.

Star trek.But that’s been my topper for 30 years.

Altered Carbon But dats really allready almost a year back you have westworld that was very good for the rest are the two seasons of Dollhouse good.Firefly is also good I don’t watch so many series. Eh I re-inthird me there still a few humans continuum

I watch very little TV and movies nowadays.The last movie I watched is Interstellar, a science fiction film that I have watched with a lot of fun. Definitely worth the purchase.

Oh, so much to mention.”Deadpool 2″, for example. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them”. “Deep Blue Sea 2”. “Bone Tomahawk” is a good movie, only no SF. And in terms of series I now look “The Tudors” but that’s not SF again.

I have hundreds of DVDS with movies and series in house and if I am verlot then I look.

Look at very few movies, but as an audiobook I found the Martian of Andy Weir very very good, especially since Halles what was described scientifically in theory was all possible, see for the Paperback version Andy weir: Amazon.nl: Kindle Store

The movie I still have to see, but fear that the audiobook likes me better.

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