What is the healthiest diet?

Use your sanity.

I do not believe in Dieeten.Yes you fall off during or shortly after your diet. But then you will eat again as you always did, you will arrive just as quickly.

How I stay Slim:

  1. Cliché but true.

Sports. Works for me once a week running. Lots of walking and cycling. Grab the bike if you’re going to do groceries or go hiking. You really don’t necessarily have to go to the gym. Enjoy the outdoors. If you don’t want to run it is also fine.

  • Don’t be too harsh for yourself.
  • If you’re fixating on not being allowed to eat sweets, that’s the only thing you want to eat. Don’t think too much in ‘ I shouldn’t do this and that ‘.

  • Eat a piece of fruit every day.
  • An Apple a day keeps the doctor away. Zeikerds are going to say ‘ fruit is also sugar ‘. Boehoe yes but these are natural sugars and no sugars that come from you cola. Fruit also contains vitamins.

  • Eat varied.
  • Not every day pasta. Search YouTube ‘ easy healthy Recipes ‘ and found Tadaa. You really don’t have to be Ottolenghi to be able to cook healthy and delicious.

  • Don’t eat ready-made meals.
  • Are a huge amount of sugars. And salt. And other flavor enhancers.

  • Experiment with vegetable varieties.
  • Vegetables can be very tasty with different herbs. Note: I do not say herbs sauces!

  • Sweets, cakes and other delicacies.
  • May be in the occasional. But not every day. Common sense.

  • Don’t try to admit your temptation.
  • Motivate your brain. Often you want to snacking to the snacking. Work something inward. Create instead of chips, healthy snacks. Like what I do is cucumber in hummus dippen. Or carrots.

  • See models (Instagram mensjes) not as your great example.
  • Everything is fake. Photoshop. We are living in the real world honey.

  • Finally: Be kind to yourself.
  • And so for your body. Everything you put in your body should give you energy and keep it healthy. Your body is your motorbike for everything. Do not give him or her up.

    It may sound all too easy, but I really think that with a little bit of common sense we are already going much further than all those diets together.It’s also marking all. Then you may not do this again than that.

    My World diet.You can find it only here and is free. It’s my mothers ‘ habit and I’ve perfected it. Every day of the week I eat something from another country.

    Such as

    Dutch-potatoes with red cabbage and applesauce

    Belgian-Flemish fries with a salad.

    Thai noodles with lots of vegetables and/or fish

    Indian-Chicken Siam with Rice

    Mexican-burritos or taco or chili con c.

    Italian-pasta carbonara (just a raw egg with bacon

    German-a meal soup

    Turkish-kofta or Turkish bread with olives

    And that works extremely well.Bmi is optimal, kids perform fine. Must say:

    I don’t often boil ‘ out of a packet ‘ and

    I bake in sunflower oil, but minced meat can bake without anything.

    Everything can be with meat, fish or vegetarian.A piece of meat or burgers I almost always put on the grill.


    A varied diet with freshly prepared products, not too much salt, sugar and saturated fat.

    Intermittent fasting.There are many kinds such as 16; 8, 20:4, OMAD or 5:2. This stands for what times you eat, namely 16h fasting 8h food, or 20h fasting 4u food, One Meal A Day (so 23:1), or 5 days eating 2 days fasting.

    Man is not made to be crammed with food for a whole day, just because it is available. Three meals per day are actually a construction, and snacks you eat purely because it can.What that does is make your insulin constantly peaks at every meal.

    Insulin is the hormone that regulates blood sugar.Easy to explain: when you eat carbohydrates, sugar enters the body. Insulin is then exempted from the pancreas, to bring that sugar to the liver for energy. The rest of the sugar you don’t need yet, converts insulin into fat as storage for when you have no more food and therefore need to burn fat. With the contemporary eating pattern of constant eating, that moment never comes. Sugar remains in the body and insulin stays at every meal to make it to fat.

    But actually we all fasting: when we sleep.This already counts for 8 hours of fasting in intermittent fasting. In the morning you are not hungry (because ghrelin, the hormone you get hungry, rises at night.) Breakfast can actually be easily skip. If you eat from 12h to 20h, and otherwise not, that is also intermittent fasting. You may drink black coffee, tea or water while you are stuck.

    There are a lot of movies on YouTube about this!(I recommend Dr. Eric Berg and Thomas DeLauer) They can start your interest in the subject. The rest you do yourself.

    Oh, and sugar is poison, you have to stay away.

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