What is the greatest karma that happened to you?

Karma is a concoction to see life “fairer”.In good behaviour, the reward, in bad behavior, comes the punishment. People who are religiously think that the punishment or reward comes after life.

Many people mean by “karma” The accidental events that you see as “punishments or rewards” of the universe.

So you ask now: What accidental event can I suggest/invent as a punishment or reward?

Here comes ie: I went to the grocery store to buy the bulbs and there was exactly 1 bag of spring bulbs left.Before that, I had given priority to cyclists.

Sometimes things go wrong, but afterwards it turns out that this was important to save you from an even worse situation.You can say that it is a coincidence, or that you have been helped by a God, or that it is karma.

I have two good examples of this.

Example 1;

I am studying medicine and I also follow an Honours programme.You can only begin your master’s medicine if you have met certain conditions, for example, that you have already taken your credits. As far as I knew I had taken all the boxes and I met all the conditions, but when I had subscribed I had not gotten a layout spot. When I mailed the coordinator about this, he told me that I still miss some credits. I looked at my study results as well, and it turned out that a professor in the second year (it was already at the end of Year 3) had forgotten to judge an assignment. It was a group assignment and my group mates did get a review, so the problem was luckily easy to solve.

However, when I was going through my study results, I found out that I had wrongly calculated my credits for honours.In order to get your honours diploma you have to have earned 45 credits in 3 years, and it turned out that I missed one more study point. The end of the third year of study was almost in sight, but luckily I was on time to register for an extra profession, so I finally got my honours diploma.

It may not be a life-or-death situation, but I was so happy with it!If that professor hadn’t made that stupid mistake over a year before, I might have never found out in time that I missed that one point, and I probably hadn’t had enough time to catch up with it… Would have been very sin of 3 years of hard work!

Example 2;

Example 2 is a completely different situation and may need an introduction.The situation that occurred I described in an earlier reply: Eline SE’s answer to What is the worst thing that happened to you during a vacation in a foreign country?

I was on holiday in Thailand, and at a hostel where I stayed there police came along for a drug search.At that time I had weed in my pocket and used weed before, but luckily they didn’t find anything and nothing was going on. However, this could have been a very different walk! A few days earlier I had some stuff n my bag that used to use weed, but due to an incident that had occurred a few days before, I had thrown it all out. In A previous hostel I had the idea that a hostel employee had an evening (rightly) suspect that I had used weed; She asked me why my eyes were so red. I naturally denied everything and gave up swimming in the sea during a snorkel trip earlier that day blamed my red eyes. However, I was afraid they would call the police, and got a quick meal in a restaurant, to throw away all weed-related stuff. In the end, it was all false alarms and had not called a police force, but because I was so shocked, I had thrown away everything, so at the time of the drug search I didn’t have anything that indicates weed use in my bag! For example, I blocked my weed in an empty vitamin pill jar, but when you pulled off the cap, a very strong weed air came out of the jar. The policemen were very thorough with the bags control, and made everything open, even packs of game cards etc. If I had this jar in my bag, I was no doubt caught and I might have had to stay in a Thai jail for a large number of years..

This situation could have been very wrong, but I had so much luck with it everywhere.It really gave me the feeling that there is something or someone that protects me. Maybe it’s karma.

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