What is the greatest injustice you ever commit abroad?

About 15 years ago I was in Florida.We arrived in Miami and went through several stops to Orlando because we wanted to go to Disney World. From the Netherlands I had prepared to buy a Sony camera that took up on small DVD discs.

Everywhere we came I had asked and tracked the price of this camera and he was in Florida indeed already quite cheaper than in the Netherlands, but US am Rigg and I was hoping for an even better price…

As an example, in the Netherlands the camera cost $450 and I had already seen it for about $350 on our tour.

In Orlando We rode on the S Orange Blossom Trial and on the Parallelweg we saw a shop with the Sony logo very large.

I didn’t know the US as well as now and I was thinking of having to deal with a Sony outlet.

We stepped in, asked the price and the seller gave up to have a really good deal.He could supply the camera for converted $225.
I flipped all the way, but careful as I was I said to come back later.

A few days later (the day before we went to Disney), I went back to the shop and the seller did indeed return that the price was converted $225, on which I said “I want it!”.

The salesman said that unfortunately they did not have him here, but in their warehouse.
But no need, if I could wait 30 minutes, they let him bring.

While we were waiting, the salesman asked why I actually wanted to have the Sony DVD camera, because they had NML.Had a lot of problems with it and the specs weren’t that best either.
On this, he closed a demo Sony DVD camera on a TV.He showed that the image was faded and also in low light the image was very bad.

Then he pulled out another camera, a JVC (mini tape) camera and told that this was the best consumer camera you could buy at the moment.
He closed it on the same TV and indeed, the image splashed off the screen and when he filmed with low light, the picture remained beautiful.

There was 1 thing though, this camera was “a bit more expensive” than the Sony.
He was converted to $475.
I started to doubt, because from all the reviews I had read in magazines, the Sony had quite well come out.
He said very kindly: “Think about it quietly. If you really want the Sony you can just buy it from us “.

It was now over 30 minutes later and the Sony camera was still not arrived from their warehouse.
I asked if it took a long time and they said that Sony camera had to be there every moment.He then gave up, that if I was in a hurry, I could also buy the JVC and he wanted to give me even more discount so that the price was $425 and I would immediately get some free tapes from him!

We were now over 45 minutes in the store.
We wanted to get away now and we wanted to film the day in Disney World so, I thought, “Why not”, I’ll take that JVC though.
These guests are so cheap, with the Sony, so the price of the JVC will be okay!Spoiler ALERT: NOT!!!

So I buy the camera, had to sign my credit card receipt and also have another piece of paper for the “warranty”.

Glad I go to the hotel to recharge the beast.I call with my AOL account (Jaja at that time you still had to dial up for internet;-)) and send my little brother an email with the model number of the camera and that I probably made a nice deal for that $425.

In the evening we come back to the hotel and I read the reply email from my brother.The JVC turns out to be a very normal camera, nothing special and in the Netherlands he is on sale for $200!!!

I immediately thought “WTF!” and drove back to that business very quickly to get a story.The men in question could suddenly be very bad English and were too smothered in Spanish and they suddenly did not recognize me either.
Eventually she wanted to take back the camera for 30% less than I had paid for it.

I did not agree with it and felt heavily deceived!
We have called the police in the hotel and they were within 10 minutes to the hotel.
Unfortunately, the respective agent said, that there was little he could do, especially since the “warranty form” that I had signed.indicated that I agreed that the store did not return any money and that I could not claim anything.

He said that this kind of “scams” came very often and that they could not do anything about it.Most of the tourists who came across this were usually already at home, so they could not even go back to the store if they were already behind.

The agent gave as a tip, to buy electronics from Walmart, Target or Best Buy, because you could return it.Sometimes after more than 30 days!
In fact, he indicated that some people in the US used to make improper use of it, e.g. using a camera on holiday and then bringing it back again;-)

In any case I still used the camera on holiday, but my last week’s holiday was quite orcland because I had paid 2x the normal price for the camera to those scammers.

Once in the Netherlands I was completely out of battle every time I saw the camera, so in the end I sold it to a colleague for $150.

I just Googled and see that the business still exists!Their Google reviews are listed on 2.1. So you see again it pays to educate people:-(

Last customization: Restores as many write errors as possible.

In China We were almost ripped off for 600 euros.

My wife wanted to buy some grams of a traditional drug for several dozen yuan, the shop deliberately gave her some pounds and then prest her to pay with the credit card. Yet apart from the fact that the plants were outside our sight to be famous, we suspected that they just had a sack of flour or chalk or plaster ready to give to us.

When we subsequently got a story from the police, they initially had little appetite to be held in the owner of the crane.It turned out that both the owner and most agents of the local population were not very understood by Han Chinese (my wife is Han-Chinese) and also found that ‘ wealthy foreigners ‘ (like me) were best to miss 600 euros. One of the agents investigated the powder and said it was first-class medicine and that we should have stated more clearly that we only wanted a few grams.

Luckily, the supervisor was a little more spacious and thanks to him the owner of the stall was whipped up.Even then, they continued to try; First they said they really thought we wanted a few pounds. Then they admitted that the saleswoman had been ‘ too eager ‘ but found that we didn’t have to get all our money back because they could no longer sell the powder. Eventually they won and we got 4800 yuan, 600 euros, back in cash.

But that’s all thanks to that one cop, if it had been located to the rest they had us choke.

It didn’t happen to me, but my father in law had to pay somewhere in Africa and the seller said about this:

“For you this 10, for you too, costs this 50 for you, because you are white.”

Not entirely unjustifiably, but quite unjust.

I will say explicitly that the fact that poor people in Africa can be racist cannot be a reason to be racist as a ‘ wealthy ‘ person in the Netherlands.Just in case.

Alex price differentiation happens everywhere and here in Nl also you are used to that.In the Netherlands you need more for a loaf if you are more deserved only we do that in the form of tax. In Africa, whites have been advantaged for years and that is now a little extreme the other way. I would say pay particular attention to the similarities the differences fall. Always more up, and float us as humanity.

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