What is the funniest thing Donald Trump has said so far?

Those are absolutely the following words:

“I’ll tell you, to me, the second-most important thing after love, what you do is never, ever give up,” Trump told the crowd.“Don’t give up. Don’t allow it to happen. If There’s a concrete wall in front of you, go through it. Go over it. Go around it. But get to the other side of that wall. “

These words certainly have a very inspiring effect here in Mexico.

“Homelessness started 2 years ago.”

“The revolutionaries of 1775 took the airports with ease.”

These statements are so stupid that they are laughable.But of course we should never forget that Trump is a reprehensible individual. Incidentally, I have taken the most recent-he tells so many stupidities that it is hard to keep up.

Preconceived, it is impossible to cataloging all the stupidity of Trump, categorizing it, and then also sorting it out stupidness.That is a life task and a normal person would wait until after his death, because he produces more stupidities than can be processed faster.

But one that is characteristic of his voter audience I find this:

We won with poorly educated.I love the poorly educated. (after winning the primaries in Nevada)

There are many statements and tweets in which he displays his lack of knowledge, but at the following I still ask myself the question under the influence of what product he was.He likes death that the Moon is part of Mars.

(Source: twitter.com)

I’m going to crash with Cutty.” From the film Associate with Whoopi Goldberg in the lead role.

The nicest thing he has said is that he didn’t want retaliation action on Iran for a shot drone.

“A drone is not worth 150 people’s lives.” So he has suddenly risen in my esteem. A president who does not want to be a mass murderer, such as his predecessors.

Frankly, I have not yet been able to catch him on a joke.

Yes, hurtful remarks at the expense of others, he can, but joke?No so.

He likes to create about how well he is not, or whether he would be a good general (because he never took service in the army I think he should be silent about that).

He treats women as inferior creatures and sees herself as a fantastic guy.

Funny things say?He? ‘ In your dreams ‘. That does not happen.

The most fun I find during one of the debates with Hillary Clinton, when Hillary said something in the spirit of ‘ Where would we be if you’d be elected? ‘ and Trump replied ‘ You’d be in jail! ‘.(This being said, Hillary is not yet in jail of course…)

I was also comical when people asked him questions about his intelligence-I don’t remember in what context-and Trump said he was an ‘ extraordinarily stable genius ‘.Hilarious!

‘ I did not have sex with that woman. ‘ Joke of course, that was from Clinton.Equally seriously;

I like the pronunciation ‘ I now spent more time in Vietnam than Da Nang Dick Blumenthal ‘ the most beautiful.

Trump did this ruling after a one-day visit to Vietnam and it refers to a seated American senator who lied about his Vietnam past and performed exploits there while he had never even been there.

I think it’s nice that he takes that Blumenthal on the heels.He does not get m from the Senate and it is scandalous that someone hangs up such stories and keeps sticking to the plush when it comes out.

In the Netherlands we also have a, Halbe Zijlstra.Also such a mooiprater.

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