What is the fact that TU Delft is often in the publicity of inventions? Is This university better than other technical universities in the Netherlands?

The Dutch universities are characterized by an average high level, but our system does not provide any space for real outliers in both directions as it is in the US: there you have crappy and super good universities.So really big differences are not there in the Netherlands.

“What is the fact that TU Delft is often in the publicity of inventions?”

That was not so noticed, but it turns out to be correct:
Many Willy roots in Delft and Westland

For a long time, Delft was certainly not the dynamic breeding pond for many new innovative startups, which had the name TU Twente Meer.A bit of a good Delft graduate at the time was still being taken away by a multinational. DELFT was old, log and solid, with a comfortable international edge in a number of areas, especially water management (dikes, polders and rivers) and mining (Shell).

But now that’s different, and you’ll see many groundbreaking developments in DELFT:

Starting an innovative startup now also has real status in Delft, and is very well supervised (YES!Delft, The Buccaneer).

There is a ZG. Dream Hall where every year a dozen or so student teams work on international competitions and with it the best score worldwide, and even often leave giants as MIT behind them.The Nuna is the best example of this. These teams also regularly lead to startups.

Most European car brands have a Delft industrial designer in the top of the design department.

Active medical research has been conducted in the brand new Protonen clinic since September.

Delft is in charge of the European Thorium MSR research programme, which could become a world-leading research centre for this much promising energy source of the future.

But the biggest smasher is the success of Professor Leo Kouwenhoven with his progress with the quantum computer.Microsoft has chosen that research as the most advanced world wide, and has set up its own research institute for Kouwenhoven in Delft. In Delft, they are soon able to keep Qantumbits stable.

So it is really serious about the road in Delft, but it goes far beyond “inventions”.

As a Delft alumnus, I am obviously not unbiased, but I really think that in a number of areas Delft is working on a remarkable advance towards the scientific World Summit.Without wanting to undermine the quality of the dynamic smaller brothers.

TU Delft is committed to addressing projects that have a social context such as medical applications and the environment.For instance, they have long participated in the race with solar-powered cars (the NUNA) and also often win. Sometimes they have spectacular results in other areas (gravity waves for example). So it is not only a question of good research, but also of clever publicity. Delft has a big name internationally, but in various rankings Eindhoven also comes out well and there is little difference between them.


Like everywhere: a good PR department!

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