(w?dl?nd ) Word forms: Plural forest. variable noun. Woodland is land with many trees. Synonyms: forest, trees, forest, wood More synonyms for forest.

And what is the name of a small forest?

Answer. Small Forest (5) GROVE.

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Hoodlums are loud, aggressive, and violent. Hoodlums are part of gangs and commit crimes. If a young person robs a store or mugs someone, he is a crook. The word crook has nothing to do with the hood of a sweatshirt. A crook can also be referred to as a gangster, thug or badass.

People also ask: What is the synonym for forest?

Synonyms. silva land earth silva tree farm biome dry land greenwood riparian forest solid ground woodland wood woodland ground terra firma.

What does meadow mean?

Definition of meadow. : land covered or mostly covered with grass, wildflowers blooming in the meadow, especially : a patch of moist, low-lying, usually level grassland.

What is temperate woodland?

Temperate Forests and Shrubs. Forests consist of oak trees, woody shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers. Shrubland is made of the same material, just a lot less oak. This biome is known for hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

What do you call a dense forest?

Rainforest a dense forest with tall trees found in tropical parts of the world a lot Tropical rain forests are home to more than half of all plant and animal species on the planet.

How do you describe a forest?

Such definitions typically define a forest as an area of growing trees over a threshold. These thresholds are typically the number of trees per area (density), the area of land under the tree canopy (canopy cover), or the portion of land occupied by the cross-section of the tree trunks (footprint).

What is the difference between forest and forest?

While forest is a “small” forest, the biggest difference between a forest and a forest is the density of the trees and the size of the area they cover. A forest covers a large area of land with a high stand of trees, while a forest has a much lower concentration of trees and a smaller area of land.

What is larger than a forest?

To summarize that forests are historically and colloquially considered larger than forests and scientifically denser. Jungles are also technically forests, since jungle is a slang word for what scientists call a tropical forest.

What is a forest edge called?

A forest edge or forest edge is the transition zone (ecotone) from a wooded or forested area to fields or other open spaces.

What is a small forest?

Forests” are larger than “forests” . But a small cluster of trees is not necessarily “the forest.” Anything smaller (no indication of actual size) would be referred to as “stock of trees“. (i.e. if you can go into the collection and don’t see the end of the trees, then you are not in a stand of trees)

What are forest animals?

The list of forest animals is extensive and includes creatures such as bears, deer, moose, foxes, raccoons, owls, chipmunks, ants, and butterflies.

What is the name of the floor of a forest?

The forest floor, also known as detritus, duff, and Called the O horizon, it is one of the most distinctive features of a forest ecosystem. It consists mainly of shed vegetative parts such as leaves, branches, bark and stems, which are present above the soil surface in various stages of decomposition.

What types of forests are there?

Forests can be divided into two main types, coniferous and deciduous forests. Within these two general categories there are many other distinct types. These are usually classified according to the dominant tree species that make up the forest. Coniferous forests, as the name suggests, consist mostly of conifers.

What does a forest look like?

A forest is a habitat in which trees are the dominant plant form. The individual tree crowns usually overlap and interlock, often forming a more or less continuous crown that shades the ground to varying degrees. Forests aren’t just trees, though!

Where do you find forests?

Forests that border desert ecosystems are sometimes referred to as dry forests. (Xeric means dry.) The succulent forests on the island of Madagascar, off the southeast coast of Africa, are dry forests.

What is the opposite of forest?

There are actually simple nouns that don’t necessarily have antonyms, but in this case “simple” would be the opposite of “forest“. Forest/plain is a meaningful binary pair. Other treeless areas could also be considered the opposite of “forest” but are not antonyms by convention.

What is a forest opening called?

In the most general sense, a clearing or clearing is a open area within a forest. In the central United States, the term “glade” is more accurately used to describe rocky, prairie-like habitats found in flat-bottomed areas.

How do you say forest in different languages?

This is the translation of the word “forest” to over 80 other languages. How do you say forest in European languages?

language say forest
Dutch Bos [edit]
Estonian mets [edit]
Finnish metsä [Edit]
French forêt [edit]

How many trees make up a forest?

The default forest area supported by the Forestry Commission has 2250 trees per ha or a tree spacing of 2 m to a maximum of 2.5 m (1600/ha).

What would you find in a forest habitat?

Forests also provide shelter for animals, whether in the roots or trunks of trees or high up in the branches. Animals that live in forests and forests include large animals such as bears, elk, and deer, as well as smaller animals such as hedgehogs, raccoons, and rabbits.