What is the easiest way to improve your self-esteem?

Do you want to give your self-esteem a boost?

Then it is good to ascertain how much self-esteem you already have.Do you attach great importance to what others think about you?Can a colleague’s remark bring you completely off your piece? Stop thinking that way and realise that everything is in your hands.

Only you have the power to be in your shoes, and to grow your self-esteem.Once you have taken responsibility for your own self-esteem, you can take these steps to boost your self-esteem even further.

1.Change your body language

Your posture and body language tells a lot about your self-esteem.So stand upright, in your full length. Be Master of your body, and take pride in it. Do not behave too accommodating and docile: not only will others think that you are shy, you will also feel so soon! When you come up for your opinion, raise your hand in a meeting or ask for something to say, you will be self-assured and you’ll feel so too.

It may sound weird, but it helps: smiling at your mirror image will change your posture.Even when you start with a false smile this will affect you, and before you know it you are really smiling. People who smile are also more attractive, so you look better when you smile. Others will react positively to you when you smile, so when you walk around smiling on your work or on the street, people will get back to you and you will feel more confident about yourself.

2.Replace negative thoughts

This sounds like another way to think 鈧?虄Positive to say, and yet it is different.Stopping negative thoughts means you don’t allow negative thoughts to master your brain.Sometimes it is difficult to think positively because you are in the pit and it seems impossible to get out. Instead of getting to that point, you better stop negative thoughts when they stand up. As soon as your thoughts feel emerging as 鈧?虄This is too difficult.I can’t do this. I’m just going to play a game. Stop those thoughts right away.Replace them with a positive thought, such as: 鈧?虄This is difficult, but I will prove that I can.I will succeed. so you fight negativity and give yourself an extra boost.

Your thoughts have a tremendous impact on how you feel.If you always expect the worst, you may not be so cheerful. Positive thinking means you have confidence in yourself. Instead of worrying about a presentation, for example, you can find it exciting , because it’s your chance to show how good you are!


Take care of yourself

Being confident is difficult when you are popping shoes, or your clothes are too tight.Looking good is not about fashionable clothes, it’s about feeling yourself well. So wear clothes that you feel good and comfortable. Make sure your hair is well, your teeth are polished, in short: take care of yourself so that you look good, and you will feel good and confident too!

4.Find and do what you love to do

How lucky are you when you do something you love?Are you passionate about art, writing or photography? Or do you like your job? Find that what you love to do and what you are passionate about, and do it as often as you can. Doing what you like and doing well makes you confident, because you feel proud about yourself and what you have accomplished. This is how you grow self-esteem and can also excel in other areas in your life.

5.Improve your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence or EQ is the ability to recognize and control your emotions and to better understand the emotions of others.EQ is important in our social interactions and relationships with others. When you have your emotions under control, you are more confident of yourself, because you are not afraid to collapse when it becomes difficult, or explode when someone goes against you. You feel stronger and more comfortable in dealing with the people around you.

6.Celebrate your achievements

Dare to give yourself a compliment when you reach a goal!Even when it comes to the easiest or smallest step on your To Do list: acknowledge that you have taken it and be happy. Sometimes you will be the only one who recognizes your success. So make sure that you do not depend on the recognition of your boss, Collega s or even your family members.When you congratulate yourself on every success, you give your self-confidence as a鈩?boost that you will be able to even more in the future.

7.Avoid perfectionism

No one is perfect, so don’t put yourself under pressure to do everything right.This is closely related to being able to accept failure: You don’t have to be perfect, something may go wrong. Improve your mistake and take your attention for the next time better. When you feel no pressure to be perfect, you will be better in your skin and feel more confident about your qualities.

A good start could be to give yourself and your house a makeover.A new hairstyle, new clothes. Doesn’t have to be expensive. Never dirty old clothes out (or smelly!).Clean to bed, in a clean bed 鈧?娄 sounds small but it is not.

In doing so maybe something like new curtains, a new look for the bedroom or just clutter clean up.Throw away junk.

I feel that when I look good and my house is beautiful-or at least clean, it bounces back to me and I feel better thanks to small (or big) changes.

Our radiations as well as our Private 漏 environment reflect how we feel inside.

It’s just a simple solution but you asked for 鈧?虄easy .:)

The best!


The most easy way is for me to clean up your house.Throw away stuff and junk that you don’t use anyway.

Create Order in chaos.

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