What is the difference between an opinion and a fact?

So on the eye the others are right: facts are facts and an opinion is what you think of it.
Now I have been diving a few months ago (for fun) in the whole flat Earth discussion and that has made me think about facts and opinions.(And No… Before you start: I absolutely do not believe that the Earth is flat)

There may be some things that we think are facts, but perhaps they are generally accepted opinions?
Is Evolution A fact, or an opinion.Darwinism seems to be a fact, but at the moment (by a few) questions are being put, who knows it has only been an opinion in a number of years.

The same can apply to the flat Earth discussion: We all know that the earth is round. That is a fact, proven by all sorts of experts, and by pictures from outside the earth.
Until you question everything, it suddenly becomes an opinion and no more fact.That you have to put a lot of doubt into ignoring the facts is another story.

Or a very different example: Is it a fact that everyone gets too fat?
The crux is in the word ‘ te ‘.Fact: We become thicker. Opinion: We become too fat.The fact and view are very close to each other.

We interpret a lot of our observations.That is a human trait; There is simply too much information on us to not interpret. Therefore, ordinary observations are not by definition a fact.

One of the biggest problems we have (I think) today is that we make a lot of opinions to fact.And one of the most difficult things at the moment is to distinguish fact from the point of view. In populism, but also in all sorts of conspiracy theories and on the other hand governments and pseudo scientists and what’s more, are a champion in the interlocking of opinions and facts.

Finally: Science is based on facts.These facts are transformed into theories that eventually (after many trials) are accepted, until the contrary is proven (it. This is how (in general) the evidence of a theory works.
That theory can then be considered as fact, but it may not actually be.
The only thing you can do is to ask questions about things that are labeled as fact.

What is the difference between an opinion and a fact?

In my opinion, it is a fact that the two consist of different letters.However, according to the opinion of many, their significance is actually the same or different.

A fact is a confirmed (Observative/by various sources confirmed and reproducible) piece information.An opinion is a personal piece of information that is dependent on own perspective/insight.

In This answer I will mainly give an analysis of the two words as taught to me during philosophy.A major misconception is that the difference between facts and opinions is objective and subjective, respectively.

Facts are as just mentioned not at all objective.Facts are subjective. That is to say that facts are always linked to a person. Indeed, facts are always one’s facts. The word fact comes from the Latin word ‘ facta ‘ which means made. This also immediately reflects the nature of facts. That is the way. We humans are all part of reality. In This reality all events occur. To organize this reality in our minds, we make all sorts of statements aloud about reality. Because we make our facts by reality ourselves, facts are subjective. Often, however, facts depend on the idea that these are objective. That has to do with the following. Indeed, facts are statements that can be assessed in reality. (Facts should in principle be true, otherwise we usually do not speak of facts.)

Also opinions are subjective.The big difference with facts, however, is the form of the kind of statements. They differ with facts in that which they say something about. Where facts are to say something about reality, opinions say something about the state of mind of the subject that has the opinion. An opinion is indeed a value judgement on the facts that belong to him.


My fact may be: ‘ It rains now. ‘ That is my system and the processing of reality as it is now happening to me.The ruling-‘ It rains now. ‘-says something about reality. Someone else could have also been able to make another fact with the same reality. Another person could have said at the same time: ‘ The sun shines. ‘ Statements that both can be true at the same time and actually correct. When it rains, the sun can still shine. I and the other person have only arranged the reality in a different way.

My opinion may be: ‘ It’s annoying that it’s raining now. ‘ That is a judgement on the reality that arises to me.This tells me something about my mind-blowing. My mind is apparently so toned that it entails the emotion of ‘ annoying ‘ caused by the rain.

The big difference between facts and opinions is thus contrary to what many people do not think objectivity.It is the nature of the ruling that makes the difference between a fact and an opinion.

All you can measure are in any case facts.Length, weight, color, of people and things. Distances, basically everything in physics.Those are (mostly) facts.

If we find something, have a judgement , then that is an opinion.

Opinions are based on facts, which, through your 5 senses, enter your brain (see, hear, feel, taste, smell).
But those facts are distorted by your life-long experiences, knowledge, insights, character, etc.

This allows people to disagree, even though they are taking the same facts.They have different experiences and character traits, so you get so contradictions.

These opposites can be used in discussions to ‘ fight them out ‘, OR, and that is much more efficient, they use to develop each other and yourself .

The intent you have in it already says more about you than the facts knowledge you would or would not possess.

The ideal answer: an opinion is subjective, a fact objectively.Facts would then apply to us all, opinions may differ per person.

That I use the word ‘ ideal ‘ to deal with the notion of ‘ objective ‘.The ‘ opinions ‘ on the notion of ‘ objective ‘ are still different. There are people who swear by objectivity, there are also people who believe that objectivity does not exist-and all tastes in between.

I think (I believe) that there are objective facts.But less than you think. And that is a fact for me.

An opinion is not a fact.An opinion is subjective, a fact is objective.
A view is assertions, a fact is proven.

Red is a color is a fact.
Red is beautiful is an opinion.

Prof.Dvora Yanow said: The degree of consensus (concordance) determines whether something is opinion or fact.

They are almost the same.
There are only two types of people:
The not thinkers, and the self thinkers.

View based on view.Are not thinkers.
View based on facts.His thinkers.

Where do the self-thinkers get it from?


Could Plato but Dutch.Who might have laughed!
Because do you know the 4 personalities I’m talking about?

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