What is the depth and culmination so far of the Trump administration?

Bottoming depends on what day you ask, surely it is not keeping up with that man?

But no, I find the imprisonment of children terrible.To cry. And all those fake Christians here applaud “yes, that’s the risk, hey, they didn’t have to do that, they didn’t have to take their children with them.” To whine.

Now, IE has proclaimed a measure that simply goes against human rights, to make asylum applications impossible for large groups of people.No, people from Central America do not want to apply for asylum in Mexico. Duh. That has nothing to do with the fact that everyone wants to take advantage of America, which has to do with Mexico being barely safer than countries in Central America. The violence by drug cartels in Mexico is terrible. But because they have to get through to America, because they are too poor to take an airplane, because they have to be in America themselves to apply for asylum, therefore, IE now has a measure that because they come by another country where they would also be asylum KU They are not allowed to apply for asylum in America.

Low point after bottoming.And the Republican Party defend him.

To whine.

Highlight?If IE will not be re-elected next November.

Can’t I really think of any highlights?No. I have to look them up, and I do not agree with what those highlights should be.

Oh, his meeting with Kim Jung Un?Of which a few years ago, shame was spoken that Obama said that he wanted to sit with him at the table? Obama was put away as a traitor to America, because “with terrorists you’re not negotiator,” but Trump does it, and then it’s suddenly a “highlight?” Well, really not.

I must now say reluctan’t to admit that a major change in criminal law has been adopted in December.Ahead then. One highlight. Cannot take it against all lows. But, there is really a highlight.

2018 in Review: The Highs and Lows of Trump s Year

After that, I was sick enough of trying to find highlights, because the lows are so numerous, and so incredibly clear in what it shows: that Trump is very little snapped, that IE is completely his own course without disturbing himself to Diplomacy or reasonableness or even humanity.

I live in America since 1984, got married to an American woman and have a 21 year old daughter.In The first 34 years I never felt an urge to become a 鈧?艙citizen 鈧?of America. After tRump s victory I immediately went to work to get my permanent papers so that I can vote and get a 漏 脙 漏 n vote against tRump.

In answer to your question, there are no highlights.It is a miserable low point and my wife and I say Alletwee, when he is reelected, we sell everything and we move back to Europe. America is so incredibly changing in the last 3 鈧?”4 years, it’s almost not recognizable anymore, and I’m not talking about immigrants, but about the open racism that is so obvious. Politically speaking, America is in 1930 years Germany.

The worst thing is that the same idiotic movement is being spent in Europe. England wants to leave?I say, OK, but I hope that the economic damage will be so great for England that the rest is no longer going away. Europe must stay together to have a chance against American, Chinese, Russian and fast-emerging India. That can only be if they stay together.

When I look at the Trump government for over two years without political glasses, it is for me the culmination that he has thoroughly modernised the penal system (including the ‘ Three strikes and you’re out ‘ system) so that many people (mostly non-whites ) rather the cell can be out and much better supported in their reintegration into American society.A lot of people have been released that had been given years of prison sentences for absurd reasons.

In my view, the bottoming point is that he has given permission to impose a pipeline on the territory of Native Americans who were opposed to it.

I think the highlight was the hike with his wife right after the inauguration, then in my opinion there have only been lows and it still goes down in level in and around the White House.

The bottoming point is without a doubt separating children from their parents and locking them up in abandoned supermarkets, among others.I remember when I had another Facebook account, the page 鈧?艙The Free Thought Project 鈧?one extracted an article and foto s from a congressman who prevented access to one of those abandoned supermarkets by the police.

The page was suspended by Facebook because of spreading 鈧?艙fake News 鈧?

When the news became worldwide a few days later, I immediately deleted my FB account.

The highlight is one which in my opinion (without unexpected revelations or whatever) will be neatly re-elected.What other presidents promised in terms of protecting intellectual property, certainly compared to China, he played harder. That approach I found the only right one. Together with other measures to protect its own domestic economy, it has ensured that the American economy has entered a significant level.

That will be his theme in the next campaigns and many will reward him for that.

Today, until it is tomorrow. Than tomorrow.

There are totally no highlights, only daily deeper lows.

It is very difficult today to carry out a discussion on the merits.

Behavioural psychology is a branch of science that is becoming increasingly important.

We must understand man not only in terms of artificial intelligence, but also in terms of society and how the brain of man works.

Prof Cialdini has been a pioneer in this, at least from a best-seller standpoint:-).

Influence has appeared in the years 80.

He wondered how it came to certain sellers to be much more successful than others.

By experimenting and by “undercover”, he was able to identify a number of categories that are consciously or unconsciously used to turn someone into buying.

What does this have to do with Trump, I hear you think about it.

Obama, Trumps predecessor, is a very amiable and sympathetic man.

He is an extraordinary orator.

“Yes, we can.” is an enormously strong “persuasion”, a phrase with strong persuasive power.

I am able to find him very sympathetic and at the same time ask me how it was now with Guantanamo.

We know that the president is the boss of the secret services, aware of all sorts of clandestine matters, which must approve military actions that will be sure and fixed to kill.

And president, you only get to pick up millions from the rich who want nothing in return.

Obama but also Warren Buffet are examples of a strong image, their core word is “sympathy”.

Neither Buffet nor Obama has been hit in such position by being sympathetic.

Business and politics is hard to forget.

Even within the own party you have enemies that can take advantage of any moment of weakness.

The media play a very important role in the whole happening.

Attention is important for important people, in business or in politics.

At the right time, with the right words and images and preferably still without a critical note.

The European press is rather messy in the US reporting.

I read both the left media and the right-hand media, also in the US.

What the one concede you get to know the other.

Behavioural psychology is also the weapon in which an image is sketched of someone in an important position.

Trump is not a “sympathetic” like Obama.

Trump is a negotiator, i.e. he first ridiculed the North Korean leader, then slowly let the insults disappear until negotiations were made.

He has also effectively monitored the embargo violations that were allowed for him, much stricter.

That forces a country like North Korea on the knees.

And Trump runs away from the negotiations, another very well-known tactic, if he doesn’t get what he has in his mind.

North Korea is going to sit back at the table in the future, because without importation the country is doomed.

Turkey is a similar example.A leader needs a good economy, if it starts to go worse weakens the position of the leader.

The Turkish economy has gotten an enrome blow, Turkey away from the news.

Iran?The French were working well (Total) with Iranian oil, where the money for used, will be sausage orphans.

Trump has traced the Iranian economy to dust and ash.

China?Has put a lot of money into global expansion, so that economy is now hit much harder than it’s assumed.

China let this week know, be prepared to sit back at the table.

A leader is untouchable when the economy is doing well.

I observe what is happening, frankly I was initially involved with the EU media and CNN that Trump was going to cause nuclear miseries in NK.

Iran: Idem.

But if I see that something else turns out beyond what is obvious, then my interest is aroused.

Especially because elections are a pop poll while sympathetic or unsympathetic has nothing to do with what a country needs.

If I see how Europe is nowhere in the KI (AI) struggle between the US and China, then I see the US back to record their power role in the world.

Know that the EU still lies under the US umbrella in terms of defence and that EU countries compete with tax deals and are not a single entity, that they are closing all sorts of deals with countries that violate human rights on a daily basis, you may , and only for money and power.

Finally, most people know nothing about the FISA warrants because in the European press (and CNN, MSNBC,…) virtually nothing is said.

If you are looking at the conservative media, then the whole FISA affair is based on a file that was compiled by a Clinton-linked organization and used unverified to enforce extreme measures (FISA is extremely uncommon because outside the Ordinary legal system).

Today: Kavalec Less Redacted Memo (she talked to Steele and reported that there were wrong cases in the file, discussed it with Bruce Ohr).

Anyone can start looking for facts and information, but you should ALWAYS hear the two sides to indicate the framing.

Which tricks of the foor are used to make us think in a certain direction.

I always want to see what CNN tells and what CNN doesn’t tell you.

I always want to see what Fox News tells and what they don’t tell you.

Today everyone wants to hear what they love to hear.

Fine so, but 1 sentence on Twitter is not an opinion.

The discussion is about a few things that you can only confirm by hearing the two sides.

Should we de facto believe what Trump says?


Should we de facto believe what Obama, Hillary tell you?


How a situation effectively evolves usually shows who was the one who was right.


  • For the result in 2016: Trump has 2% chance to be elected.
  • If Trump is elected, the fair will collapse.
  • We are going into a nuclear conflict with NK.
  • Trump is a Russian spy (certain US organizations are there to solve such things, 007 wise, should that be the case).
  • Trade war with China, China is insulted and no longer comes back to the table.

My reference is what ultimately happens and how a certain result is obtained.

Highlight: Counter gas to the globalists who think that (real) dictators are cool trading partners.

Bottoming: The Russian collusion hoax, seamlessly becoming the obstruction hoax.I want to have Democrats who pursue policies, not rancunous personal vendettas.

I am deeply disappointed in the European media, the framing “populism” serves to bury every discussion in advance.

Equilibrium can only come from two extremes.We only have 1 extreme in Europe.

Search for Steele at the time website (June 4, 2019).

Why not report this in the newspapers?

State Department official cited Steele in emails with OHR after flagging credibility issues to FBI, docs reveal

Ms. Bruce Ohr worked for Fusion GPS, the company that ordered the Steele dossier, paid for by the DNC (Democrats) and the Clinton campaign.

The bottoming was his election.

The culmination is his resignation.

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