What is the definition of coaching for you?

Coaching seems to me hard to do.Would have been very much appreciated if someone had coached me in my work and career, as I suggested.

Nevertheless, as a coach, you have to know very well what you are doing, both in terms of skill in the subject and the skill in transferring them in one, for the other, helpful way.

It is very easy as a coach to send the pupil a wrong side, seems to me.

Some years ago, I was asked to coach someone in a particular area where I had a lot of experience.I assumed that, with no idea how to do that, but hoping that it would become clear to me gradually.

So, accordingly, I did my best, but in my opinion my contribution was skinny.It became clear to me that you can know quite well, but that the teaching of others is a very different and distinct art.

Just like any other skill, coaching is a profession.

In order not to be critical to myself, it must be an interplay.The coach and the pupil make a success together. The pupil also has a

So, what is my definition of coaching?Maybe, in the ground of the matter, something as simple as:

Effectively guiding others in their development of a skill.

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Thank you so much for your question, Sassa!

My definition of Coaching is: 鈧?艗as an expert assisting someone in teaching or improving certain skills and informing him or her about potentially available tools that allow individual exercise. 鈧?p>Coaching: Look together with someone how she/he works, what she/he wants to achieve, establish points of improvement, and enter a trajectory of these to be implemented.

Ideally this goes further, from time to time to keep in touch to see how it goes, whether the scholar is not pushed back into the fire of working too much in the background.
My vision is mainly motivated by the many young people who, because they are very talented, make super-fast promotion, struggle to divest things that they had previously had to do themselves, delegate this to subordinates, these are very good people Perfectionist, cannot say no, so the work they have to do (especially of themselves) accumulates, this leads to being overworked, if one has the feeling of being lived, and having lost control of the work, a burn out.
After having successfully learned to say no if the sign is already full, and to delegate, and everything goes well, secretly sneaks the same mistakes “unconsciously” into it, they just can’t leave it.To notice this in a timely manner and to do something with this, periodic coaching is of great importance.

I know, there was also fiks suffered during my work.No coaching followed, but learned to take the time to do introspection regularly….

Coaching is to accompany someone in such a way that he takes his responsibility to make his own choices in order to prevail in life as God and he wants it to be.

Coaching is a helping conversation.Looking purely from the coached, not from ‘ What should be ‘ or what you find yourself.
From his/her abilities and desires according to his/her reasoning come to a decision that feels good for those.

And then help to implement that too.Thinking.

Coaching is a werdezijdse agreement that has a specific objective.

The objective is a controlled process supported by evaluations.

To keep it organized, I follow the definition on Wikipedia, which seems very nice and comprehensive: Coaching-Wikipedia

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