Set in an Igboland village in the early 1990s, Things Fall Apart tells the story of Okonkwo, a man whose life is shaken to the core by the political machinations of the community and the death of his infant son. His wife Nwoye is his only comfort, but he eventually must make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure his son’s legacy as a man of worth. In the end he becomes a man with a new world vision and his own set of guidelines for how he and other Igbo men deal with life.

What does Okonkwo symbolize?

The Nwobi believe Okonkwo is an epithet literally meaning “He who has fought”. It is given to warriors who have proven themselves in battle. Therefore Nwobi believes it means “One who has taken many battles”.

Also, how do cultural traditions relate to themes in things fall apart?

Fall, they said, was caused by the French Revolution. The French Revolution, an event that took place around 1789, was a pivotal moment in the modern history of Europe. While it resulted in some short-term benefits for the country, the events of the revolution led to a period of turmoil that included the rise of many nationalist movements that eventually caused the European empires to collapse.

Throughout the novel, Achebe never questions the How Tradition vs change is a theme in things fall apart?

What does Okonkwo fear?

Okonkwo is very fearful of death. This is the source of much of Okonkwo’s arrogance, which he puts on display in the play’s dramatic moments in order to appear strong in the face of challenges to his authority. He fears it because of the many deaths of people in his tribe, especially those at the hands of enemies who are the result of his own rash act of killing Uzu and Uzu’s mother, as well as the loss of his mother as a result of an accident in childbirth.

How did the Igbo society fall apart?

The social, economic and religious problems of the Igbo people were compounded from the early 20th century when a small number of Igbo chiefs, mainly in the east, rose to prominence and started to claim political and economic supremacy.

Who does Okonkwo kill?

Kunle Adeyemi

What is the genre of things fall apart?

The genre of things fall apart is a group of novels about post-war life in America. These novels are usually described as being bleak, although there are few if any bleak novels in the genre. The main characters in these novels are men, whose lives appear to be in flux after the end of the Vietnam War.

Why did Okonkwo kill ikemefuna?

In Ikemefuna’s world, people are divided into different tribes. Okonkwo is an Igbo man. His two chiefs are Eze Nken Ezeagu (Ezeagu), head of a Nneeko-Chieze clan, and Ezumelele (aka Ihe?), head of his Ondo-Chiezi clan. Ihe’s son is Ikemefuna. Ezeagu and Ihe are enemies.

People also ask, what is the central theme of Chinua Achebe’s writing?

The central theme of Achebe’s writing is “ambiguity” in the sense of the African American essayist Toni Morrison’s assertion that “ambiguity is the most basic feature of the human mind.” According to Achebe, ambiguity refers to the double meaning of a single concept.