What is the birthplace of Western civilization?

A civilization (or culture) is subject to a continual change.A civilization takes on new elements and repels other elements. If a civilization evolves long enough, there is a moment when there is no one element that existed when civilization arose. You could then speak of a new civilization, but the transition is sea diffuse.

For the emergence of modern civilizations we must return to the Neolithic Revolution (s) when man switched from a hunter-collector society to a sedentary agricultural society.Although life in an agricultural society was heavier, unhealthier and Unfreer, the Agricultural society was able to feed many more people and come to more complex societies in which institutions were formed, which we now have To associate civilization.
The Neolithic revolution took place independently in different locations and at different times.

In the Fertile Crescent this began about 13000 years ago, in China about 11000 years ago.Much later, both cultures influenced each other. India has taken over both elements from China and the Fertile Crescent moon. Furthermore, you had nuclei in West Africa (presumably influenced from the Fertile Crescent), in new Guinea, in Central America and in South America.

Western civilization stems from the Fertile crescent moon.The agricultural crops and domestic animals used in the West for the “discovery” of America are almost all descended from the domesticated species in the Middle East. The Greek, Egyptian and Roman civilizations, their gods, their institutions and their crops all originate from the Fertile Crescent moon. Western civilization is the evolved version of the Greco-Roman civilization. Later we have a number of things, especially food crops, from Central and South America, but all in all we can say that the origins of Western civilization lie in eastern Anatolia and the catchment area of the Euphraat and the Tigris.

This question has been translated from English.In English It is very normal to ask: “What is the birthplace of Western society?” In Dutch you would ask this question very differently. The translators of the questions obviously do not consider the common fluent Dutch idiom.
In Dutch you would ask: “Where does Western civilization find its origins?”

Of course, it makes sense that we go back to the Neolithic revolution and even further to Homo erectus and further back.If you want we can return to the time of the dinosaurs.

But that is unnecessary

If we look back from now, the contemporary, then we see the following developments going back in time:

  1. The Democratic Revolution (French Revolution and the American War against their colonial rulers: the English.

Then the idea “egalite, liberte et fraternite” and in the USA was the framework of legal, executive and legislative powers.

  • The revolution against the absolute power of the Catholic Church.
  • The rise of States, after the demise of the last ancient era Emperium: the Roman Empire.
  • The modern Western civilization is based on Greek beauty, Roman law and Jewish morality.
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