What is the biggest impression you have had while you were traveling?


What is that country beautiful.

The eastern half is very wooded (we drove on a road for 4 hours with two side roads and only forest on both sides, endlessly endless saaaaaaaaaaai), but the rest is so godforsaken beautifully.I really cried a number of times because I was so overwhelmed by the splendor.

Many streams and rivers have a very specific colour, because they come from glaciers.A green blue that is very special. There was 1 Little river that came down so bulging, with that beautiful color water… Yeah there I stand crying, really.

Another trip we drove up a mountain, and then we came across the top… indescribable so wonderful.Again crying hahaha.

I would not want to live there in the winter, I can not do well against cold, but ooooh what is that country my soul country!

I was in Prague in August 1968, when the Russians occupied the country.In the morning at 5 o’clock I woke up by a noisy rumour. When I looked outside I saw tanks. In The lobby the hotel staff told me about the raid. The night before, I had already seen groups of people after midnight in the city, who were very eager to discuss. I stayed in a hotel with almost exclusively foreign visitors. The first who left were the Americans. There was the same day at Prague Central Station that a train to Vienna was ready for them. I knew then that there would be no conflict between the Russians and the West. I think that the Russians informed the Americans beforehand about the incursion and that it would confine itself to Czechoslovakia.

The Dutch could only leave after a week.In that week I have been sworn by the city with a Czech sculptor who lived in Brno and could not leave Prague either. In the center, the following days many people were on the leg, who were discussing with young Russian soldiers. According to the sculptor, who spoke Russian, the soldiers did not know in which country they were; They thought it was an exercise. Later I read that those first soldiers have been replaced by more professional Russian border guards. What struck me above all was that in many window displays a portrait of Tomas Masaryk was shown. A picture of an outwardly handsome and impressive man. He was the first President of the Tjsechoslovak Republic. I don’t know when those pictures are posted there, before or after the raid. Anyway it seemed like an act of opposition.

We arrived on a square with also many people again.On the square stood a table with a book in which you could write something and many people had done so by now. I was asked also to write something in that book and I wrote in English: Long live a free Czechoslovakia. The sculptor picked up the book and read aloud what I had written. A loud applause followed.

When we finally left the hotel as last guests, many Czech hotel staff were crying.They knew that their country was again facing an uncertain and difficult period. Some Dutch people have given their Czech money, which they had nothing to do with the staff. Others bought the crystal that was in the showcases of the hotel lobby, which reminded me a little bit of gluting. But maybe I was wrong.

How poor everyone is everywhere!

My first stay in the US started with some free days.I borrowed a car to drive “even” to Midland, TX. It looked reasonably close on the map from central Arkansas.

16 hours later I finally came close.The last 100 km were so flat, you could almost see the tallest building. And it took another 1 1/2 hours voirdat I was there.

The enormous expanse was for someone raised in The Hague incredibly.The colors of nature indescribable.

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