What is the best way to tackle anemia?

The best way?Don’t believe what you’re reading on the internet, but just pass by the GP. Iron pills, vitamin B12 and eating red meat, broccoli or even apple syrup you can get prescribed, but the dosage of medication has to do with a lot of factors. Therefore, GP.

The best way is an individualised approach:).

Because everyone is different.

Anemia can indicate a deficiency of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

In terms of deficits, I immediately think of a shortage of iron.

Such deficits may be due to various issues, including:

  • The Dietary pattern/diet
  • Stress/sleep deprivation
  • Illness (or not, prolonged)
  • (And I think it may also be a genetic condition-I am not a doctor, but I know that there are conditions in which a person, for example, is struggling to create or incorporate a certain substance into the body)

An iron deficiency can be eliminated by:

  • Eating the right food (food that promotes the production of iron-eg.

Green leafy vegetables, certain herbs, fruit)

  • Daily green Smoothies to drink (mix 1 to 3 leafy vegetables e.g.
  • Spinach/rocket lettuce/beet leaf, and add water/lemon/orange juice to it)

  • To take an iron preparation from the pharmacy (you can ask the GP)
  • Keeping the intestines clean and healthy (to optimise the absorption of different nutrients-a human can eat healthy food, yet still be lifeless because of intestinal problems in digestion)
  • Enough sleep
  • Decreasing stress as much as possible
  • Iron deficiency and anemia 路 Health and Science

    What nutrition helps with iron deficiency (dieetplaneet.nl)

    Iron deficiency/anemia (dieetplaneet.nl)

    NB coffee, tea, dairy and soda can apparently hinder the absorption of iron (this I did not know)

    What I absolutely do not agree with is that they claim that it is impossible to replenish an iron deficiency through the diet.

    It seems unlikely that nature would let us sit without a tool (I am absolutely not in favour of such a helpless mentality and attitude).

    A man must be able to save himself, and we live in an era where we are increasingly encouraged to rely on an external source for our health (while we can actually learn it ourselves).

    The fact is, the connection with our intuition is no longer what it once was, but luckily there are people whose intuition is well developed, and they therefore share their knowledge with others.

    Everything we need (and shortage) can provide nature to us (I know from experience).

    Where I myself have had very good experiences with it are the mixing of green leafy vegetables with a dash of lemon.

    I have sustained this for several months, and I have been greatly refurbished.

    This was last summer (in 2017), I then had enough “horsepower” to break out tiles (from a floor) with a neighbor (while I was broken in bed the year before because of a.o. serious illness/stress/shortages in terms of minerals and vitamins).

    While I really can’t hear it now.And that’s because I’ve been hooked up for the umpteenth time… With my diet and self-care.

    I also know thanks to an American (advanced) herborist that all sorts of herbs have a healing effect on the human body (and even more as our diet).

    I have also been allowed to experience this by experimenting.In my local bioshop they sold loose herbs, and these made me healthy back a few years ago (and I just ate very normally).

    Nice anecdote: The powerful nutritious and healing effect of herbs has ever been raised during an online cooking class (The cook had been vegan for years and worked very often with herbs-she had then told how she was greatly refurbished by using All sorts of herbs in the kitchen-both fresh and dried).

    I therefore strongly recommend that you take a good herb book in the house (e.g.Rosemary Gladstar’s series of books/I myself have this book: Medicinal Plants & Herbs of Dr Ute Kunkele and Till R Lohmeyer) to learn to work out your deficits yourself.

    You can possibly get to good books via an exhibition/book fair (so I used to book).

    We as people are being kept stupid and small too often, but that is actually necessary for nothing.

    The most important message I can give to everyone is as follows: Never let anyone turn you into something about your health, and rather go to work yourself.

    By doing experiences (through experimentation) you learn very much.

    Be sure to check out the books of N. W. Walker (eg.”Vibrant Health”). In His books he explains how he himself cared for his health and has been able to enjoy his vitality for a long time by adapting his eating habits.

    Always try to find a balance between the advice you get from a physician, dietitian and your experiences because in the end you are in your body and feel better whether it is going well or not.

    Keep a diary with symptoms depending on the diet you eat and observe where you feel better or worse.

    (Oh my God, I have the app “Grammarly” installed, and this has apparently changed my text-I can shout, I am now too tired to adjust it and will do it later-GRRRRR, damn you Grammarly!)

    Depends on the cause, I can mention at least a dozen causes that have virtually nothing to do with each other.Maybe twenty. So first figure out what’s going on.

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