What is the best way to stop postponement forever?

Annick walked around for years with the dream of writing a book.Years of frustration, complaining and excuses make over too little time. Then she asked to be coached. In the meantime her book has been published. How she got it done?

In 10 minutes a day.

Because with ten minutes per day you can write a book.

She started writing every day .It became part of her life, a part of who she is. The more she writes, the better she gets. Not that she always writes only ten minutes, sometimes she writes even a few hours long. But it was the 10-minute concept that started her and what she did.

Fight the feeling of being overwhelmed

If you have a grand plan, like Annick with writing her book, it can seem overwhelming.Where do I start?How do I start?

Just start with 10 minutes and you will no longer feel overwhelmed.Anyone can find 10 minutes in a day.

What could you achieve in 10 minutes? What would you like to bring to your life today that makes it better, happier, more enjoyable, quieter?

Maybe you also want to start writing?Or meditate? Is it time for you to start sports/exercise? Have you been talking for so long about learning how to play an instrument like piano or guitar, or learn to paint or sculpt? Or learn a new language? I am sure there is something you would like to do more 鈧?”if you had the time for it.

When you start with a 10-minute habit, this doesn’t put much strain on you to start with and is more likely you will sustain.

The 10 minute rule

Follow these 5 tips to increase your chances of success.


Plan that time.

Try to do it at the same time every day.Do not expect it to fit in somewhere, because life does not work. If you do it every morning for breakfast, or every day after your lunch, then there is more chance you will really do it daily. If you leave it to chance, you will be disappointed at the end of the week when you have not succeeded in building your new habit as expected in your life.

2.Use a 鈧?虄trigger

A trigger is a mechanism that sets something in motion.Something you do just for your new habit. For example, put a cup of coffee before you write, or drink a glass of water before you meditate. Create a trigger that helps your body and mind to start the habit easily.

3.Plan N贸t to do more than 10 minutes

Sometimes we get overexcited, we are impatient and we want everything right now.Then we start jogging for 30 minutes or we write for an hour and we say we have to do the same the next day. Maar 鈧?娄 After four days you are exhausted and you won’t find that time anymore. You will then give up rather than 10 minutes to do so. Keep up with those 10 minutes, certainly a whole week before you increase the length of time. If you want to do a little more, you are committed to doing at least the 10 minutes on the days that you do not feel like.

4.Map your progress

Track a calendar or table that identifies the completed days.That will help you to encourage yourself on the difficult days. Every week you will see how well it feels to have been sustained for a week.

5.Appreciate yourself and celebrate it

Give yourself a pat on your shoulders when you keep your new habit and are on your way to more success in your life.Celebrate party: Treat yourself to something fun and continue your way to success.

How do you apply the 10 minute rule?

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