What is the best way to make my cell phone hack-proof?

Just always turn it off unless you have to call…:-)

Anyway, a mobile phone is actually meant to call with you and you want to do more with that device.So basically it’s not about a cell phone but a mobile computer with phone function.

Sometimes people even forget that they can call their mobile!

But well, it’s a mobile computer and that’s how you secure just like a computer.You set a good password, install all updates, and only install software from trusted sources (the app stores) and basically only what you need. In addition, you are well aware of what access an app requires when installing, and also ask why an app should have access to your contacts and GPS location. (Or even your camera!)

Further, turn off WiFi, turn off Bluetooth and also turn off mobile data usage!All these things you only need to turn on when you start using them. Especially Wi-Fi is still underestimated because I noticed this today when I was visiting my mother at her nursing home. My phone then uses its WiFi connection but the home also has an open guest connection with no password. And yes, though! My phone wanted to link to that guest connection instead of my mother’s WiFi! But luckily I watch…

I should also mention that for no two euros in China you can buy all Sorts of WiFi modules based On the ESP8266 chips.You can then program it from your computer to be a WiFi hotspot and then listen to all the data traffic that goes through the air. You only need a battery for it. In short, WiFi is the most sensitive part of your mobile phone.

Bluetooth modules are also in China for sale for less than 2 euros, but are somewhat less efficient for hacking purposes.Well, you can see if a particular mobile has come along more often and if you walk around with three people, each with a Bluetooth module running around to other devices, the location of your mobile can be determined with utmost precision. Put those modules down to three points in any building and you can follow all the visitors very accurately based on their mobile…

But well, tracking is not yet hacking…

In any case, you have to pay attention that your phone is not in the hands of someone else, who can put something extra on it.So find out which security features your mobile phone has and use. If possible, you can also install antivirus software. That’s generally not necessary, but it adds an extra layer of security.

Noticing possible signs of infidelity in your relationship is a very difficult place to be emotional.This can cause a lot of doubt, confusion and most likely distrust in the relationship.

Unfortunately, there are no DEFINITE signs to tell if your second half is cheating.However, there are many reasons why people in the relationship become suspicious of infidelity.

Having said that, usually feel that something is wrong, is your first sign.It is important to rely on your instinct and to pay attention to certain changes in the relationship that have taken place.

Here are some possible signs of infidelity:

1.Protect their mobile phone

2.Your partner does not give you passwords

3.Not so much sex in the relationship

4.He/she is starting to dress differently 5. Your significant other is emotionally more distant

6.Your significant other makes rude comments about you

7.Finding contraceptives that you do not use

8.Calls from unknown numbers

9.Working longer hours

10.Major other accuses you of cheating

If you do not trust your second half, this may be a good opportunity to ask yourself why you are still in your relationship.Not relying on your second half and worrying that they cheat you is a sign that your relationship is not healthy.

Signs of possible infidelity can be very painful and cause a lot of tension in the relationship.It is important to tackle this problem with your second half before this uncertainty persists. Http://Ghostspy.Quora helps you catch a cheater with a simple name, phone number, address or email search/lookup.It is a tool for everyone.

Make sure you always install the latest updates.With Android, it’s harder than iOS. Furthermore, you can’t do much about it outside never downloading software that you’re not familiar with. Furthermore, I never grease those USB chargers at BV airports. Then have malicious direct physical access. Want to be completely safe? Do not use the Internet.

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