What is the best way to increase human consciousness?

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To increase human consciousness it is necessary to understand how human consciousness works.Of these, there are in fact 2 theories, the first to say that the brain creates consciousness and the second who says that the brain functions as a receiver/transmitter of a collective consciousness field.

I am a supporter of the second model and see the brain as a transmitter/receiver of the ubiquitous, eternal and infinite field of consciousness, which is at the base of the whole universe.For the Big Bang, that field of consciousness, also known as pure consciousness, was the only form of existence, after the Big Bang, the Consciousness field was the source from which the universe, with everything on it and it, took shape.

The human brain reflects pure consciousness as mind, intellect and ego.The soul can then be seen as a part of the total consciousness field that causes an individual tendency to manifest, called character, which in every human being is the basis from which he or she lives. Soul is unmanifest, ego is manifest. Intellect is the body that takes decisions, mind is the body that manifests thoughts, thus shaping the thought process.

In This model consciousness can be seen as an infinite ocean of activity, with at the bottom absolute silence, pure consciousness, and on the surface intense wave movement, dynamic thinking activity, which leads to action, which in turn leads to Success in life.

The degree of success in life is therefore directly proportional to the quality of the thought process, which in turn is directly proportional to the ability to control part of the consciousness ocean.At the surface of the thought process everything is outward oriented, through the senses, object oriented. Deeply, at the silent levels of the thought process, there is an inward-looking, personal intuitive, subjective more holistic orientation.

At the bottom of the consciousness ocean, thinking stops and there is only pure consciousness, without any kind of perception.This is the basis of all consciousness activity, which is itself without any activity. There is no consciousness of anything. It is total potency, entirely in itself, only conscious of itself.

In Terms of wave movement is on the surface of the think ocean, where much activity is, by itself, also a lot of diversity of (brainwave activity).There is a lesser degree of cohesion in the brainwaves to be discovered.

But deep in the silent levels of thought, the Harmony (cohesion) of the brainwave patterns increases.Because there is much less activity, the collaboration is much easier. When all activity stops the harmony is maximum.

Of every human being you can measure how high its brainwave cohesion is. With an EEG scan we can see how much collaboration occurs in different parts of the brain.If the eyes are closed, you will automatically see an increase in cohesion. Unfortunately, someone with ADHD will not have enough cohesion. That is why he is so restless and so has the label ADHD.

The best way to increase human consciousness is to liven up the quiet harmonious levels.This is done through transcendental meditation. This mental technique brings the spirit of active levels to more silent levels, until the quietest level is transcending, and only pure consciousness remains. By regularly applying this, the brain gets used to those deep silent coherent levels. The regular alternation of dynamic activity and transcendent silence teaches the brain to experience both extremes. This creates an opportunity to develop the full potential of our consciousness.

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