What is the best experience you have experienced with a group of friends?

[“I participated in 2004 with a friend in the Tall Ships Race. We were just 18 and we got to drill down from the old Concord in the port of Den Helder. The crew was mostly German, but there were also a few other Dutch youngsters. We had never sailed on a sailboat, but we were happy to meet the adventure. Around noon we carry out the port under a lot of public attention. Once at sea the sails went up and the adventure began. The race went from Den Helder to Antwerp, but we ended the first night in an incredible storm in the North Sea. We had to change the course and take it to the coast of England. It was incredibly scary! Our first night on a sailboat was almost a big nightmare, the ship creaked on all sides and you saw the biggest mast from one side going to the other as if it were a matchstick. I sat down from the deck, just sitting inside and the waves were pounding against the puscles. Rock hard popping were that. When I wanted to get up again, I saw that someone had an epileptic attack, and when the light started to be we got a visit from a speedboat from the emergency service. The sea had finally become quieter but still very restless. There were at the same time 4 people of drilling went, who had seen it after the first night. We stayed. The next day we are still in the direction of Antwerp. That trip lasted a week and a half I think. A wonderful journey, I often stood at the big helm and then followed the orders of the captain. In weather and wind I stood there, while the others were busy cooking, cleaning and the Sidelen. Once in Antwerp there was a great welcome, hundreds of ships arrived. There was a sports day organized for all crew members of all ships. That was very nice and we were very sorry that Antwerp was the end of our trip. Until we spoke to another crew, who could still use two guys! With a few bubbles to Pap and mom, plus the organizers it was arranged, we went on to Aalborg Denmark! Incredibly! It was a smaller ship, the Vegewind, I believe 20 meters. The crew was again German and it was a bunch of mafketels all. With this ship we fell into a smaller category. I know another evening, that I was lying on bed and the boatswain crashed, ‘ hands up-hands up ‘!! So I’ll get my hands up soon. He says Neeee, up! Apparently the Grote Zijl was in the sea and we had to pull the side of the side with all the crew members. A very heavy chore with quite a bit of panic. Once back on the ship, the captain began to roar with laughter on which everyone erupts from laughter. A relief.. I remember how wonderful it was, to sail.. You could see 360 degrees around you and you only saw sea. Really a sense of tranquility. Everyone had their own task, every day different. One time you had to cook, then clean or stand at the helm. Each shift lasted 4 hours, just like on the previous ship. I remember that I had made a scrambled egg for myself and my size.. When one of the Germans saw that scrambled eggs, he wanted to have one, and soon I was allowed to bake for the whole ship. They loved it, until the next day someone asked where all the eggs were left?! Yeah I’ve made yesterday up to you guys! Well, they didn’t seem to know that a scrambled egg was made of eggs, they thought it was some kind of pancakes. Well, the whole trip no more eggs so.. Eventually we arrived in Aalborg and it turned out that we had become 3rd in our class. Really super cool! We walked along with the parade, like any crew, and at the end of the walking tour of the city our ship was summoned on stage. One of the crew members was allowed to pick up the trophy, but once on the podium the captain waved to us and we all stormed the stage with him! That was really not the intention, but we were really the speech makers. Everyone had it always over the crew of the Vegewind, which a mafketels. That was us, oh yeah!
There were parties everywhere that evenings in Aalborg, so we are dressed as wife orphans partying on a ship that was close to ours.A Cross party was called that. Laugh John. One day the captain asked us to bring away the dirt, which was grey… so we did that nicely. But the next day he asked the whole crew, who saw the pockets with crew T-shirts for the new crew? Ehm, were they in a black bag? Yes! Ohw 鈧?娄 Well we have thrown in that big dirt container! Well, there we went hear, in that Gore dirt container looking for 2 black bags with clothes. Stink!! And you guess it already, never recovered again.. Finally we drove back to Amsterdam by bus, and we were picked up by our parents. They found us terribly stink! Well, showering at sea is not really something that happened often. Achjoh, what a great time, perhaps the most beautiful three weeks of my life. Sorry hear, unwise long story. Well well.

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