What is the best car brand and why do you think that?

My lack of knowledge of cars is really legendary.Even after twenty years, in my acquaintances circle there are still jokes about it. That was the moment I bought my first car. An Opel Corsa.

You know how that goes when you have just bought a car: people in your area are starting to ask all sorts of questions.

The first question “Where did you buy it?”) I was able to answer smoothly, but at the second question they had already stressed me.Someone asked me: “And how much PK did that thing?” My answer was: “I really don’t have a clue, but look, I can play CDs in it”.

Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question.That is because when something does not interact me totally, I am not able to listen to the explanations or consult information on the subject.

Another example of this is keeping records.Before I joined SAMZN with my now ex-partner, my parents had repeatedly warned her: “Pay attention to costs, because usually Kevin doesn’t even open his post.” After several months of living together, she was so aware that she decided to take the administrative part fully into account. The cause of this is my ADHD.

After a full week of research into the severity of my ADHD, I have been granted a permanent disability for education because of the heavy administrative part that a teacher has to take.And believe me, it was a mess every school year.

The best car brand?There are of course several factors in a car brand that make it a good brand. In my opinion, there is therefore not necessarily a car brand that is best. Among other things taste of design play with it, this is of course for everyone else. When we look at the finishing of interior design, my personal opinion is that Audi is definitely leading the way. If we look at motor and technical level, it becomes a bit trickier. There are, of course, several major companies in the world that possess many car brands and all share the technology. If we are the biggest one, that is: Volkswagen Group, General Motors, Fiat Groep, Daimler, BMW Group and PSA (Peugeot Group). When we talk about who has the best technology in the house, I think I will choose the Volkswagen Group. Personally, at Volkswagen I don’t always have the idea that everything is so slick but I think that they have the most technology in the house and are the best car brand in it.

If I were to choose one brand, I would personally go for Porsche.A family member of mine has a 911 and that is really a splendor machine. Motor Well, interior is beautiful with good materials, has a nice iconic bodywork and has such beautiful driving characteristics which makes it a really good car.

That depends on what you find important in a car.On different lists of the most reliable brands, Toyota/Lexus/Daihatsu is always at the top. Followed by Subaru, Mazda, and Huyundai/KIA.

These cars are also at the top of my list for car brands with the most boring design.But this car is also at the top of the list for my next car.

That is and remains something personal, but based on experience, knowledge and taste I choose clearly for Volvo.

Look, every brand has its pros and cons.In general, for example, Toyota is reliable, BMW is the most sporty and CitroŠ»Ťn is well-ventured in their designs. A tip: Don’t fall too fast for death-doers like ‘ French battle ‘ or ‘ German deequality ‘. There is always a core of truth in it, but it is too dependent on model, year of construction, execution and perspective.

That said: For me, Volvo offers the perfect balance between the most important things: safety, design, reliability, quality, driving characteristics and status.That may sound crazy, but for me, Audi and BMW just emit the wrong status. Volvo used to have the status of grey wool socks, but that has now been turned into one of the most desirable design languages in the world. In addition, the quality and finishing level of the top shelf, the driving characteristics are beautifully balanced and are progressive in terms of safety. And not entirely insignificant to me personally: it is not a grey mass car anymore. I, and many reviewers and consumers with me, find brands like Volkswagen soulless and drowsy. Just go in a Passat and then in a V60/S60 and you get what I mean.

Anyway, it remains personal and my advice is therefore: choose a few models that you think will fit your feelings and then go well in proefring.Listen to your feelings and you won’t soon make a mistake!

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