What is the best approach to develop a marketing strategy?

In essence, Marketing doesn’t matter to you or your business but to the customer.

Therefore, I would like to say that you are starting to think from the customer if you are a marketing strategy.

What are his needs?
What are the problems he is experiencing?
Is he himself aware of it?
How can you provide a solution?
What knowledge does he have of the matter?
How important is it for him?
How do you define your target audience?
Through which channels do you reach them?

Knowing answers to these types of questions is much easier to align your strategy with business goals and budgets.

In addition, I would like to say that in many cases it is very useful to also take part in what areas the knowledge and enthusiasm lies with you or your company.

If you have a team that likes to share what they’re doing, it’s for the obvious to use content marketing.If you have experience with Adwords for example, put that experience into it, even though you hear many Halleluja stories about advertising on Facebook.

Also determine your strategy on where your strength lies and not just where the odds (would) lie…

The best marketing strategy is always thinking from the objective of the company or product.When you know the objective, you can optimise all the channels.

After determining the objective, you start by perfecting the story of your product.Do all the USPs and specify why you are different from any competitors. Carry this out on all your online channels and use it in all your conversations.

From there you can work on search engine optimization (SEO), online advertising (SEA) and social media marketing.The priorities of these channels are different for each objective and product.

A good marketing meta strategy is to launch a new product category .The first in the market has a relatively larger market share (Buzell, Ries, Bass), a larger market share comes with a greater repeat-purchase readiness (Ehrenberg), and profitability.

Better yet, this blue ocean strategy complements with a difficult to copy deviating business model, and a lot of network effects to be built into your product.Network effects arise if your product is worth more for the customer as more friends of your customer have it. A fax, immunity from illness, WhatsApp, belief in creationism, belief in chemtrails, Microsoft Office, QWERTY keyboards. Your penetration speed will be increased and your relative market share too. Think 鈧?艙Winner takes all 鈧?markets like social media apps.

What to remove presuppositions.

  1. Marketing is not the same as the promotional mix.

Marketing is certainly not synonymous with advertising. That’s what many people think because advertising is so prominent (duh!). Marketing is just as hard about proposition, place and price.

  • There is no such thing as a best strategy.
  • A strategy is what you do differently than others. If everyone would do the best strategy, that would no longer be the best strategy.

  • Always remember that the Rolling Stones have not selected their fans (target group).
  • They have become the richest of people who find their songs nice. Keith Richard found 鈧?艙I can t get No 鈧?娄 (satisfaction) but nothing. People with a Harley Davidson tattoo often drive a second hand. In other words, your audience is often not your target audience.

  • 鈧?艗developing Strategie 鈧?is a good thing.
  • Strategy is the dynamic resetting of provisional targets based on new information: 鈧?艗plans are worthless, planning is invaluable value 鈧?li>Most people start by setting a goal and following a plan.That only works if you have done it before. The best strategies are emergent, unique and not conceived from behind a desk. That’s for me “The Larger Market Formula”

    What if I told you that there is a HIGH probability that 97% of your marketing efforts will be lost?

    Check out a typical marketing campaign and you will see that the vast majority of their communications all revolve around the immediate sale…

    • Buy Now
    • Inquire now
    • Act now…
    • NOW NOW

    What if I would tell you that only 3% of your audience (on average) is willing to buy now?

    How would you get the next conversation form?

    This brings me to “The Larger Market Formula”

    As you can see, there are layers/steps in this process and even the sales that feel fast will undoubtedly go through each stage before they buy from you.

    If you want to know more about these and other marketing strategies, then you can read all about it in my ebook “6 Ways to Double Your Sales in 90 Days

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