What is the best advice you have ever received?

Very cliché of my father who was terminally ill:

“Do not go everywhere and go with the flow, even if you feel different and you think you will deny your ideal.It makes your life so much easier. “

He was right.

Among friends we had a conversation about anything and everything, everyone shared information about everything.

Until someone said;

«There are 2 people who will never learn anything»

1; The person who is too proud to ask questions

And 2; The person who is too embarrassed to ask questions.

This was the only thing that kept me from the conversation, because this makes sense Lol.

When I just came out of school and started working as a financial analyst.

I talked to a retired adviser who had worked for many companies and he suggested:

“Always ask yourself what you want to achieve when you say something”

I try to think as much as possible in conversations with others.

Because sometimes you want to get right or demonstrate your expertise or knowledge.

But what effect does that have?

Is it in your favor?

Do you not bump into the sore leg?

Do you get an extra task because you know it so well?

Do you want to?

A no you have, a Yes you can get“-My Mom

This is what I always say to myself when I have to ask someone a question.

I don’t want to bother that person, but I would certainly appreciate his help.

If I don’t ask anything, then nothing happens.If I do ask, even if the odds are very low that I get a yes back, he can get there.

As a child I often asked a question, knowing that I would get a “no” back.And still I sometimes got a “yes”.

Asking questions is never stupid.Never stop asking questions.

That I don’t have to chat.

“Don’t tell me anything about me.No bad things and no good things. “

“If people ask about me, you say,” Just ask her if you want to know something about her.She can answer that. ‘. ‘

If people find you trustworthy, it’s not because they can trust your money, but because they can trust you a secret.This is something you have to learn there you can also not run for sale.

“And Yeral is there any news?”, “Has anything happened yet?”, “Tell me what you know”.If you keep your mouth, these questions will disappear over time. Sometimes there are specific questions: “How is it with Mary? Do you know where she is? “

In the past, my late girlfriend was also a hundred-rumored.No superficial conversations. I just sat there. And she never got any further, even against me.

People like to share their secrets, but they don’t want their secrets on the streets.Sometimes you get to hear a lot. It’s interesting though.

I do not know what the usefulness of ‘ hearing, seeing and silence ‘ is.I myself am more for openness. ‘ Speaking is silver. ‘ Shouldn’t you have something with it when people tell you about everything? But then what?

If someone is chatting, I’ll hear that too.”Marie is a real chatter. I used to be friends with her, but I can’t do it anymore. I have this and that tells her and then everyone knew it. I am not going to tell her about my problems, because she is chatting with everyone. “

If you’re talking, you’ll get a lot of response, everyone has to laugh and they’ll love to see you, because you always have good stories, but at the same time the mouth is locked.

Quarrels often go over the Lurcy.You’ll also see this on the schoolyard. She told her that I am in love with him. Oh, I don’t want to have anything more to do with her. ‘ Battles can also emerge from this. “You have told me that I did it with him!” Then it is a kind of honor. Not our missteps and pleasures are shameful, but others know.

Also, illnesses or poverty is gladly hidden.Surely this has to do with pride. I think finding solutions is much more important than hiding the problems. But if I have problems myself I do not like to buy it and I prefer to talk to someone who does not talk the mouth over.

So I love my mouth without knowing exactly why.It’s also nice to be trustworthy.

My father:

“If you go the road with the car, you should assume that all other road users are crazy; They never do what they have to do “

In 35 + years only had some canned damage.

The best advice you can get is the advice you give to others.

Knowledge is power.

Never give up.

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