Super Thoroseal® Waterproof Coating is a cement based powder waterproofing product for the protection of concrete and masonry. The coating can be applied indoors or outdoors, above or below ground. Weatherproof, seals in moisture with a long-lasting decorative white finish.

Considering how do you use Super Thoroseal?

Mix Super Thoroseal with clean water to a mushy consistency and Super Thoroseal its easy to apply with a stiff hand brush, broom or sprayer. Before applying, simply clean the surface of dust and other particles. Next add 1.5 liters of water for each can and shake the can well. Then apply two coats to the surface.

Secondly, can you overcoat Thoroseal?

Generally no, we do not recommend overcoating Thoro coatings. ThoroSeal Waterproof Coating ® and ThoroSeal Foundation Coating ® should never be painted over. ThoroSeal ® Waterproofing Paint can be painted over but allow at least 30 days to allow full and complete cure and then only use latex paint.

You should also know what Thoroseal is?

THOROSEAL is a blend of Portland cement, well graded sand and additives supplied in powder form. Used. • For internal and external sealing of concrete and masonry, above and below ground, e.g. B. Filling up basements, water reservoirs, tunnels, swimming pools, lift pits, concrete pipes, etc.

How much does Thoroseal cost?

MasterSeal 583 Formerly Super Thoroseal

List Price: $67.36
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You save: $4.56 (7%)

Can you paint over the primer?

Unfortunately these types of sealers can peel as they are not a penetrating coating. You can paint them over, but check with the person who applied the coating first to be sure. The third type of coating is waterproof paint. It’s quite similar to wall paint as you can spray, roll or brush it onto any surface.

How do I apply Mastereal 583?

MasterSeal 583 is applied with a brush. Brooms or conventional mortar sprayers. It is recommended that the first coat be applied with a brush to work thoroughly into the substrate to completely fill and cover any voids, holes and non-moving cracks.

Is Thoroseal safe for fish?

Thoroseal not only permanently waterproofs concrete, it is also non-toxic to fish.

How do you waterproof painted basement walls?

WILL you apply a masonry waterproofer to to bare basement walls. If your foil test shows that water is seeping through your basement walls and leaving them wet, seal the inside of the walls with a good quality waterproof paint, such as Sapphire. B. DRYLOK White Extreme Waterproofer (available from Home Depot).

What is waterproofing?

Waterproofing in buildings is the formation of an impervious barrier over surfaces of foundations, roofs, walls and others Building components to prevent water ingress through these surfaces. The building surfaces are made water-repellent and partially waterproof.