An exception that provides information on a database access error or other errors. Each SQLException provides several kinds of information: This is used as the Java Exception message, available via the method getMesage . a “SQLstate” string, which follows either the XOPEN SQLstate conventions or the SQL 99 conventions.

Likewise, what are the common JDBC exceptions?

  • Java.sql.BatchUpdateException.
  • java.sql.SQLException.
  • java.sql.DataTruncation.
  • java.sql.SQLWarning.

What is in terms of Jdbc a DataSource?

What is, in terms of JDBC, a DataSource? O (a) A DataSource is the basic service for managing a set of JDBC drivers. O (b) A DataSource is the Java representation of a physical data source. O (c) A DataSource is a registry point for JNDI-services. O (d) A DataSource is a factory of connections to a physical data source.

What is checked and unchecked exception?

1) Checked: are the exceptions that are checked at compile time. It is up to the programmers to be civilized, and specify or catch the exceptions. In Java exceptions under Error and RuntimeException classes are unchecked exceptions, everything else under throwable is checked.

How does stored procedure handle exception in Java?

When you call a stored procedure, it will execute in database server so if there any exception occurs that can be handled in EXCEPTION block in the stored procedure. If that stored procedure itself fails, it throws a SQL exception which can be handled by try/catch block and wrap it to your project specific exception.

What are the different types of exceptions in Java?

Types of Java Exceptions

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There are mainly two types of exceptions: checked and unchecked. Here, an error is considered as the unchecked exception. Unchecked Exception. Error.

What is JDBC connection?

Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is an application programming interface (API) for the programming language Java, which defines how a client may access a database. A JDBC-to-ODBC bridge enables connections to any ODBC-accessible data source in the Java virtual machine (JVM) host environment.

Consequently, when SQL exception occurs in Java?

SQLException Methods

An SQLException can occur both in the driver and the database. When such an exception occurs, an object of type SQLException will be passed to the catch clause. Gets the error number associated with the exception.

One may also ask, how do you handle exceptions in SQL? How to Handle SQL Exceptions

  1. Return control to the parent procedure that called the subprocedure that raised the exception.
  2. Use a WHENEVER clause to branch to an exception-handling routine or perform some other action.
  3. Handle the exception on the spot with a compound SQL statement.

What happens if you call deleteRow () on a ResultSet object?

What happens if you call deleteRow() on a ResultSet object? A. The row you are positioned on is deleted from the ResultSet, but not from the database. We Know That , A ResultSet object maintains a cursor that points to the current row in the result set.

What is Statement object in JDBC?

A Statement object is used to execute a simple SQL statement with no parameters. • A PreparedStatement object is used to execute a pre-compiled SQL statement with or without IN parameters. • A CallableStatement object is used to execute a call to a database stored procedure.

What does setAutoCommit false do?

setAutoCommit(false) will allow you to group multiple subsequent Statement s under the same transaction. This transaction will be committed when connection. commit() is invoked, as opposed to after each execute() call on individual Statement s (which happens if autocommit is enabled).

Is SQLException checked or unchecked?

Checked Exceptions. Java forces you to handle these error scenarios in some manner in your application code. Checked exceptions are subclasses of Exception class. Example of checked exceptions are : ClassNotFoundException, IOException, SQLException and so on.

What is class not found exception in Java?

The ClassNotFoundException is thrown when the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) tries to load a particular class and the specified class cannot be found in the classpath. The ClassNotFoundException is a checked exception and thus, must be declared in a method or constructor’s throws clause.

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What is SQL exception?

An exception that provides information on a database access error or other errors. Each SQLException provides several kinds of information: a string describing the error. a “SQLstate” string, which follows either the XOPEN SQLstate conventions or the SQL 99 conventions.

What is null pointer exception?

NullPointerException is a RuntimeException . In Java, a special null value can be assigned to an object reference. NullPointerException is thrown when an application attempts to use an object reference that has the null value. Calling an instance method on the object referred by a null reference.

What is Java SQL SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException?

java.sql.SQLIntegrityConstraintViolationException. The subclass of SQLException thrown when the SQLState class value is ’23’, or under vendor-specified conditions. This indicates that an integrity constraint (foreign key, primary key or unique key) has been violated.

What is used to execute parameterized query?

A parameterized query (also known as a prepared statement) is a means of pre-compiling a SQL statement so that all you need to supply are the “parameters” (think “variables”) that need to be inserted into the statement for it to be executed. It’s commonly used as a means of preventing SQL injection attacks.

How does SQL handle exceptions in Java?

This is an example of how to handle SQL Exceptions in Java. Handling SQL Exceptions implies that you should:

  1. Load the JDBC driver, using the forName(String className) API method of the Class.
  2. Create a Connection to the database.
  3. Catch the SQLException and check the Exception message.

Which package is used to perform almost all JDBC operations?

sql package. This package include classes and interface to perform almost all JDBC operation such as creating and executing SQL Queries.

What is JDBC error?

JDBC connection errors. Connection errors are typically caused by incorrect or invalid connection string parameters, such as an invalid host name or database name. Verify that you are using correct and valid connection string parameters for the Gate.