What is something weird that people think about your hometown?

Well, that question is an obvious for Dordtenaren… “The closer to Dordt, the rotter it becomes” is an ineradicable part of our national linguistic heritage.

What’s so “rotten” then, around here?They do not mean Rotterdam with its rotten. No, it was in the golden age the approach of Dordrecht where the skippers had nightmares. Hard-to-navigate water streams with varying sandbanks and depths. Unpredictable tides, and so on.

And once you saved it to Dordrecht, the worst thing was: the Dordtse port authorities that did not let your ship go through before the Dordtse economy had benefited greatly from your cargo, by high transit rates, or by friendly but urgent Requests to leave a part of the cargo at the disposal prices.

Tsja, the Times have changed, the thick booty now goes to our Big brother on the Nieuwe Maas and waterway.

Nothing to complain though, the inland waterway is still a source of vibrancy and economic activity for Dordrecht!

I live in the town of Schoonhoven.We are in the middle of the green heart and are about surrounded by nothing. Many people assume that Schoonhoven with its 12,000 inhabitants is very village. There would be especially Christian farmers living in a village world view.

However, in Schoonhoven there has been a city culture for hundreds of years.People are proud of their city and residents often go shopping, eating out or strolling around in the town. Even though I can confirm that there are also certain droll people living is one in five inhabitants of a non-western immigrant background. Quite multicultural for such a small town. I would definitely come along to see our silver and soak in the sun on the terraces.

In neighbouring countries everyone thinks that everyone who works in Luxembourg is smelly rich. Of course, this is done by border-goers who take a Luxembourg income to a region that is economically poor (Arlon, Bastogne, Thionville, Metz) and where the (houses) prices are lower.But if you live in Luxembourg, it is certainly not a celebration in terms of prices and costs; You deserve more but everything is also more expensive.

I don’t know if this is ‘ weird ‘, but in any case it is a misconception.

I live in Warmond, a village just outside Leiden.Many people living in Leiden and surroundings think it is priceless to live in Warmond. If you go on Funda or statistics of house prices, this may seem like this at first glance. Probably because there are relatively many large houses in beautiful locations in our village to be found; That propels the average up. But there are also ‘ ordinary ‘ single-family homes and they are even more affordable than most of the offerings in, for example, Oegstgeest or Leiden itself. In addition, we pay considerably less to municipal levies than in Leiden (it saves almost half).

I have heard several times people say how gorgeous they find the city I live in now.That IE is so beautiful!!!!

I don’t see it.Some nice places, but not more.

Maybe because I do not like the desert.I love a lot of greenery. And here is green luxury. Only neighbourhoods where people have a lot of money is the beautiful green.

People don’t always say what they think, it always gets filtered out.

In my hometown I do not hear much about this, but at my work.

I have been living in Eindhoven recently, but for 10 years in Etten-Leur.Some argue that it does not exist.

#Etten-Lie: This man claims that Etten-Leur does not exist

As far as Eindhoven is concerned, many think that quality football is available;)

Inventarising question with 7 billion possible answers.

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