What is seen as the bravest action ever of a soldier from Dutch history?

In my view, that Rear Admiral Karel Doorman, and his performance during the Battle of the Java Sea in which an allied fleet took up against a better equipped Japanese marine part.

You probably know his well-known phrase: “I am falling, follow me.”

And yes, there are some doubts about the origin of this ruling (as everything in the Netherlands raises doubts), but anyway it was a courageous move.

Here are the three options:

  1. The situation was generally quite hopeless.

Doorman rescued what was still to be saved, and tried to contribute to the war with a final attack by at least taking some Japanese ships with him.

  • The Japanese fleet consisted that day simply from better ships with more modern guns.
  • The only way there was another chance to win was to quickly get closer to the Japanese line; Within reach of own guns. A reasonable strategy. Doorman took the initiative here.

  • Because of the loss of the Kortenaer (Destroyer, or ‘ destroyer ‘ as it is now called) and the Exeter (cruiser, hit but not sunk), chaos reigned in the Allied line.
  • No ship knew what was going on, or what it was supposed to do. Of course no one can fight. Doorman has finally cut the knot by ordering the entire fleet to follow his cruiser, de Ruyter.

    As you can see, in all these three scenarios, Doorman played a critical role, and his acting as commander was undoubtedly very adequate.The battle was already lost before he started. Doorman knew what was playing, where he could work with, and made the best of it.

    Sadly, his presence became fatal when his ship was hit by a Japanese torpedo, and he went down with the majority of his men.

    I think of Korporaal from Oudheusden, where a barracks where I was stationed was named. He came to act as a result of his courageous action in May 1940.Posthumously, he received the Willems order. The report stated the following:

    Has distinguished itself in the struggle by the companies of excellent deeds of courage, policy and loyalty by taking care of injured people on 10 May 1940 near the airfield Ypenburg as a caregiver at the 13th Battery Air artillery with a lot of self-sacrifice. Under violent enemy fire; He has continued to do so despite the serious abuse he has been subjected to by a German.In addition, he took himself into the enemy fire to try to move the enemy not to shoot a keet, where he had provided a berth to the wounded. He died a few years later from the consequences of the above-mentioned abuse.

    Jan van Speijk, who, during the war between the Netherlands and Belgium, exploding his ship by throwing a wick in the powder keg.That was in the port of Antwerp. He wanted to prevent the Belgians from getting the ship in their hands.

    Karel Doorman.Karel Doorman-Wikipedia

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