What is Quora’s policy on hiding answers? What kind of answers are not allowed on Quora?

This is an official Quora directive.Last revised on December 10, 2013.
Our guidelines for hiding answers are based on an essential principle: a page should become more useful for those who are interested in this question.
Based on this principle, Quora can hide answers for the following reasons:

  • Does not answer the question. The answer should relate to the question asked.

The answer should not misinterpret the question and/or answer another question. It is okay for an answer to call into question a basic premise of the question instead of answering the question directly, as long as the answer makes the page much more useful (and provides a meaningful explanation) for those who are committed to the answer. interested in the question.

  • It’s a joke. Joke answers generally do not contribute to the usefulness of sites.
  • Humorous answers are allowed as long as it makes the site more useful to someone who really wants to know the answer to this question; otherwise they are not allowed. For it to prove useful, a humorous response should provide a meaningful explanation. Responses to surveys are subject to these rules. Answers to surveys are considered to be joke answers if (1) they are not plausible based on the circumstances described in the question and/or (2) they are primarily intended as a joke. An answer can be hidden as a joke answer if it violates Quora’s rules against meme images and humorous images in responses.Joke responses with more than 50 positive reviews require the match of at least three moderators before they are hidden. Find out more about this here: What is Quora’s guideline on humorous answers?

  • Violates Quora’s Image Policy. Answers that consist only of an image or video and answers that contain meme images are not allowed on Quora.
  • Answers are not allowed that contain: (1) a meme image and/or (2) are short and contain a humorous image or video that is not very useful for someone interested in answering the question, or (3) contain only one image. Learn more about this here: What is Quora’s policy for adding images and videos to answers?

  • Should be a comment. A response to another response on the page should be moved to the comments section for that response.
  • Explanations or comments on the question should be moved to the comments section of the question. Find out more here: Quora’s Policy for Comments.

  • Must be written in German. Quora in German is aimed at German-speaking users so that users can find and understand the content.
  • You can find out more about this here: Quora’s Policy on The Allowed Languages.

  • Relevant affiliations must be disclosed. In order to help users interpret the views expressed in this response, any relevant affiliation should be disclosed in the text of the response or in the author’s biography.
  • For example, if an author writes an answer about his own company or product, the answer (or the topic-specific reference) should make clear the author’s affiliation to that company. This disclosure can be short-term and does not need to be highlighted separately as long as it is clear. A relevant affiliation includes any type of involvement that a reasonable observer would consider important in order to interpret the views expressed by the user in his reply. Learn more about this here: Quora’s Affiliation Disclosure Policy.

  • Other / Needs improvement. Examples are: (1) incomprehensibility or serious problems with grammar or spelling; (2) no serious attempt to make the site a better resource for someone who wants to know the answer to the question; (3) is no longer relevant; or violates other guidelines and guidelines, such as be kind, be respectful.
  • Very bad formatting. Insufficiently formatted responses are not allowed and are hidden.
  • Insufficient formatting distracts from the content of the response on the page. This is probably a result of one or more of the following problems: (1) poor use of blank lines or paragraph breaks; (2) Spelling errors; (3) use of “short message style” language; (4) insufficient use of formatting tools, such as bold, italic, etc. You can find out more about this in Quora’s formatting policy.Because of a small number of formatting errors, replies are not hidden. For a poorly formatted response to reappear, the revised response must be clearly well formatted.


    • Answers with the content “no idea” (“kA”) are allowed on Quora under certain circumstances, but there is much to be said against such answers.

    Such answers are allowed if all the following points apply: (1) It is clear that the question cannot be answered, not even by someone with extensive knowledge of the subject, (2) the answer includes a relevant and meaningful explanation of why kA is the correct answer, which results in the response becoming a clearly useful and reusable resource, and (3) the answer is clearly not a joke answer. Please note: When deciding whether a kA response is helpful, Quora Moderation leaves more room for manoeuvre for users with clear expertise.

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