What is one thing that people do that you will never understand?

To blame the victim.

If your iPhone 10 was stolen, you should have an old Nokia of 10 euros from marketplace.Or at least not in the Metro showing it. Lung cancer? Definitely a chain smoker. Raped? Definitely too sexy dress attracted. Kidnapped during your holiday in Kenya? Wouldn’t you have to choose such an exotic destination and just go to the Centerparks. Your order not received in good order? Just go oldskool to the store!


As a child, you get to hear from your parents, teachers and possibly spiritual leaders that if you are good, it will end up well with you.If you’ve been sweet, get your gift. If you have studied well, you are going to succeed. If you listen to your parents, it will be good. And if it does not come well, own fault, thick bump. Or did you earn it, or you didn’t pay attention.

We are afraid that something is going to happen to us, and we deliberately or unconsciously invent all sorts of arguments why someone else has rightly done so.

Of course, precaution is taken to take certain measures.But that does not mean that one can just get unlucky. And someone who has just had bad luck is just disgusting.

I’ve seen it happen several times around me…

Families with young children, so happy together.

But there comes a moment,

Such a moment almost always comes,

That daddy or mama at work, for example, have a somewhat lesser period,

Have much to their head,

Mum or dad feel at home than what is neglected by their partner,

Then, questioning the quality of the relationship…

After which mama or Papa is naturally attracted by a third party who does give the attention they deserve,

And then stand for the choice:

Do I have to admit here or not…

They know they are putting everything at stake when they decide to admit to a volatile infatuation,

But do it in many cases anyway…

It feels so good here, guilt is ignored,

But of course it comes to light,

After which the trust is damaged.

The relationship is indeed now no longer working,

And your life partner-your support and commitment in difficult times, the one you knew better than you know yourself-and you go apart.

Together you would lead this family, together you would raise the children under 1 roof,

But this is all over now,

By not thinking more and giving in to some jitters in your belly.

You have everything to lose,

And yet people do it,

Time and again.

This is something people do that I will never understand…

What I have no sympathy for is that people simply discard papers, cans, etc. where they stand, or throw out the window of their car.As far as I am concerned this kind of lazy may be a Saturday afternoon in the Schand block!

There are so many.

  • That people always have the coercive neurosis to always stand in front of the door with their car.

Even move it when a spot is released in front of the door. And often also in ASO way or in a way that shouldn’t park because they don’t want to walk a few meters further

  • On two parking spaces, or skew or outside the parking compartment.
  • If a lane ceases that there are always people who still have to pass before a car along also if there is a car space z谩t.
  • Cyclists who do not understand that you are not allowed to cycle on the pavement
  • Motorcyclists who drive with open exhausts.
  • Already standing in line at the gate of an airport while everyone has a boarding pass with the seat number on it.
  • Why it turns out to be so difficult for many people to stay off their phone with their fikken while driving a vehicle (car, bike, what ever).
  • Bike parking at an emergency exit of a property.
  • To tell someone to say if you are driving away from someone (very forbidden and rightly).
  • People who claim a public parking space in the street near their house for themselves and sometimes even get angry when you go.
  • Disabled toilets that are used as storage so you as a wheelchair user cannot even use it (my wife sits in a wheelchair)
  • People without an invalid parking card on an invalid parking lot with their car
  • In short, the whole of ikke, ikke, ikke and the rest can be stikke mentality of the people nowadays.

    You know them, the comments under Facebook messages.Where people give up a huge deal on topics that they have no understanding of and have nothing to do with it. In which it totally does not interest them to hurt someone, or even worse.


    I often see that young people or teenagers do this, especially boys: calling each other out (as a friend).I have said several times that this is nothing for me but then they say “then you are not a real girlfriend” or “You cannot make friends in this way”. But hallooo? Why do you guys do this? Why is this so “cool” or so “hot”? Then explain it before you say anything!

    I myself have said a lot of nasty things to others, and I still know or remember some statements, but since the beginning of my teenage years I have been beginning to feel rotten more often about what I have said.I myself am pretty offended quickly, so to avoid me offend others I do not. Again, why would you do such a thing?

    Tell others how to live or what to think or believe.For me, that is incomprehensible.

    Your car Tires “Burnen”, drifting and donuts running.
    These acts testify in my eyes to ultimate stupidity.But I will be wrong.

    Not all people, of course, but such a phenomenon that I have never understood, is the mechanism that causes someone to be faithful.I have no problem with people who are faithful, but I just can’t understand how they got there. That’s what my hats are up to. Do not confuse with people who identify themselves with the principles and precepts of a belief (charity, austerity, etc.). No, so really believe there is an entity that manages our lives.