What is Neomarxism? Can you do it, as you would explain it to a ten-year-old? I find it difficult to understand politics, even though it seems very interesting to me.

Neomarxism is a political ideology and a form of Marxism.

Marxism is based or forced equality, elimination of natural hierarchical structures in society and the elimination of invidual identity because only the collective is important.

Perhaps you have already learned at school about some forms of Marxism such as Communism, socialism and National Socialism.

These are very direct forms of Marxism that are created by revolutions and often whereby a minority imposes the will situated the majority do not lead for a lasting system.This is why all these systems are out of the way, either by war or by internal struggle.

The culture Marxism is firstly something whose existence by culture Marxism denies word by culture Marxists This is because of the nature of the ideology which I would explain to you.

The other more direct forms of Marxism have thus failed.

The culture marxisme is the ONTWIKKEKD by the Frankfurt School a group of sociologists within the Institute of Social Research of the Goethe University in Frankfurt and the group is at a come by Sir Carl Grunberg a communist professor of The same time.This is happening in 1923.

The Frakfurt school has the same ideals as for Lenin or Stalin and the final product is the same only the road EE to toe is different.

The Frankfurt School recognises that a majority can never be found for a socialist society.The Frankfurt School argues that a violent revolution will never work and that the lead-up to a socialist state must be a lot of conductor.

The Frankfurt School developed the Critical Theory model (English: critical theory) which means that change in the Society guide is carried through.

A culture is created in university and all the others are eliminated.Students are indoctrinated and they are told what is wrong in society like, for example, hierarchy, capitalism, male and female, religion, nationalism, ethnicities, individuality and so on.

These students then occupy all sorts of key positions in society as for example in politics (think of GreenLeft and D66) but also the EU, civil service, and certain companies through these channels they try to control other factors For example, companies examples:

  • So-called gender neutrality in the NS.
  • Constantly blaming banks for everything that happens in the economic sphere.
  • Climate is to stop further industralisation of Europe.
  • Consistently advocating quotas in business like so many women in corporate governance

The EU is also a large cultural Marxist bloc because it contains virtually no democracy, for example:

  • Ignoring the referendum on the EU Constitution (which the Netherlands and France did not want)
  • Punishing Eastern European countries that do not adhere to the desires of the culture Marxism (such as distribution of refugees).
  • The constant propaganda against Russia a country where culture Marxists have no power.
  • Constantly hammering on an EU army something that would give culture Marxists physical strength.
  • Ignoring the Dublin convention, which says that refugees must apply for asylum in the country where they enter the EU.
  • The emotional attack on Trump and Brexit.

You are still very young and I think it would be very good for you if you are not concerned with this kind of business for another five years.

But there comes a day when you are going to study I advise you to keep thinking critically.Keep asking questions at school and your university.

A real scientist is always positive about critical questions because this is the essence of science.If your professor is not positive about your criticism, this is not a scientist but a culture Marxist.

And aks you are 16 I recommend you to vote on parties that are free of culture Marxists, parties such as SP, PVV, SGP, DENK, PVD, FVD or 50PLUS.

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