What is much better in the US than in Germany or Europe?

Well, here it is!

There are only three things that I have really noticed and that I can say that I have greatly appreciated in the USA compared to Germany.

It is the cost and quality of clothing and some other products such as over-the-counter pain medications that I have bought here and dentistry.

Let’s start by talking about clothes, especially trousers and underpants.

In the U.S., I could go to any Walmart and buy a five-pack of underpants for about six dollars.These underpants would last ten years!

It is almost impossible to find a single pair of underpants in Germany for less than five euros.Then the real problems begin! They rarely last longer than a year! The waistband is worn out and you get a pair of suspenders just to keep them on top!

But really, it’s the design.The leg holes are too big and the area “male support” is too short! This means that certain parts of the male anatomy are somehow outside the confines of these substance torture devices, leading to some rather uncomfortable accidents while sitting. You can use your imagination to imagine what I mean. I can hardly count how many times I barked loudly while sitting in pain!

Jeans – I can also buy a pair of Levi’s in the U.S. for about .30.In fairness, I haven’t been to the US for over a decade, so prices have probably gone up.

Try to find a pair of Levi’s in Germany for less than 100鈧?(No, really! If you know where to buy them at a reasonable price comparable to that of the United States, please let me know.)

I never had a pair of Levi’s in America that didn’t last for at least five years before the hems of the legs were worn out and holes were created on my knees.

Well, I absolutely refuse to pay a hundred euros or more for a pair of jeans!My alternative, which is comparable in price, was to go to our local C&A to buy my jeans. Well, as you may already know, the material was thin and stretchy, and every couple I’ve ever bought didn’t last two seasons.

I eventually gave in and bought some “designer” German jeans for 鈧?00 because I still refuse to pay so much money for a pair of Levi’s.But, the same problem arose. The material was thin and of poor quality and within six months the material cracked right next to the back pocket.

Drugs without a prescription – In the US, I could buy 1000 tablets of ibuprofen for ten dollars in every drugstore and supermarket.

In Germany I have to pay seven euros for a maximum of 20 tablets.Ok, the tablets are 400 to 600 milligrams compared to a 250 milligram tablet in America, but the cost is still incredibly high!

The compromise is that far fewer people in Germany are likely to suffer from the toxic side effects of NSAID nebemic effects, but on the other hand, alternatively, they get far too much cortisone because it is taken over by the health insurance company.

Dentistry – now if you’re a dentist, don’t get it wrong.Some of my best friends in Germany are dentists. But here is the honest truth of God. What’s going on with you?!

I had only three dental caries in my whole life, two when I was 9 years old and one when I was thirty years old, which led to a broken cheekbone.The two dental caries were treated with amalgam fillings and I never had any problems with them. The broken molar was treated with a “provisional” prosthesis that lasted eleven years!

After moving to Germany and having dental insurance for the first time in my life, I decided to replace one of the amalgam fillings because of the associated neurological hazards.

The original filling was wafer-thin, but my dentist at the time drilled a hole the size of Cologne into my tooth.The filling he used failed after only two weeks. The next lasted about 5 months.

I found another dentist whose work lasted 6 months before the filling fell out again.Then the work of the next dentist took another two weeks.

I finally found a dentist who did a really good job, but of course he only accepted private insurance, so I paid cash for the service and it was worth it!

But, you know, he always wanted to cover all my teeth, which I refused.Why should I? Every time I saw him, he said that my teeth and gums were perfectly healthy!

As you can imagine, after two years of denial while doing regular cleaning, his assistant pierced the gums of the tooth so beautifully repaired that an infection followed.

Not a single dentist could save the tooth.Within three months, the tooth had to be removed.

This is embarrassing not only for me, because I have always had perfect dental health, but also annoying.It is an insult to my health, an attack on my body and a complete disregard for me as a human being.

Repairing the bone and an implant will now cost more than 鈧?,000.You can be sure that the dentist who was responsible for this will not benefit. In fact, no German dentist will benefit, but a Polish or Czech dentist can!

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