What is most decisive for your identity?

I’ve lost almost all the contact with my family.I have been living abroad for years. I don’t agree more in my mother tongue.

I do not feel that I have an identity, a bit like Helene Hoegsbro Thygesen, I have the feeling that I am my own entity.

I flow into this world, without roots.I am unrooted.

It is a very strange feeling.No feeling of belonging, and nowhere to go back.

It reminds me of this quote from Alan Watts that I listen a lot in this issue:

“If you awaken from this illusion
And you understand black implies white
Self implies other
Life implies death
You can feel yourself
Not as a stranger in the world
Not as something here on probation
Not as something that has arrived here by Fluke
But you can begin to feel your own existence as absolute fundamental
What you are basically
Deep Deep down
Far far in
is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself. “

I don’t really believe in identity.I’m just myself. That I happen to be European, right-handed etc says little about me.

Perhaps I could say that I belong to the socio-liberal metropolitan subculture, but Ikweenie or something like that exists.In general, I have just been with everyone a little in common.

I am also a child of the flower power generation.So people with goats woolen socks and wooden earrings attract me. But when I talk to them, they often show that they believe in the nonsense, so apparently I do not hear that culture.

So I don’t hear anything at all and wouldn’t want that either.

Oh, I would like to answer this and with full conviction, because I am just so excited about this.

The speech/sermon below includes for me the Most wise life lessons I have ever heard to apply, or rather, in letting me pockets for this life.Because in fact it is purely for me to realise and know and know the truth. I cannot therefore stress enough how deeply this sermon goes for me. It’s about the question on which your identity is based. And the truth I have given myself is that I am intensely loved by my heavenly Father and Maker. From this truth I live my life and approach my relationship to people.

So many are constantly looking for confirmation, acceptance, approval of other people.Through social media, work and relationships. We also need that as we are naturally looking for valuable connection.

But I believe there is more. A truth where peace and tranquility are found for the rest of your life.

I give away a spoiler.Your identity:

  • Do not have to be defined to what you do.

For yourself and others. Or what you have accomplished.

  • Don’t have to be defined to find what other people think of you or say about you.
  • Do not have to determine what you have or do not have.
  • Poverty or wealth does not need to define your identity.

    Your true identity-by Henri Nouwen

    The sermon above has changed my life and the more this message collapses in me -about being loved by God -the less I am influenced by opinions or even negative events that lay life in my womb.And yes, that’s for many, including myself pretty spicy to deal with.

    In addition to this sermon, I still have a wonderful story by Max Lucado.Also inspired written about identity, which can stand as a rock when you go live from an inner conviction, which grows little by little and can make you grow into a strong person. See below.

    Dot or star?| Christian Stories

    Finally a video about how valuable people are.From the same well-known Christian writer Max Lucado. When I find my heart open very slowly to the most special changes place in myself. Namely serenity, relief, peace and tranquility.

    I understand that not everyone is or wants to be faithful.And with that I hope for those who are not open to God or an idea of God that this will still be able to give much spiritual wealth in your life.

    Max Lucado-you are valuable

    The father.All the other in my life is in a second place to me

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