What is monomer and why is it harmful to my health?

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Acrylamide is one of many hydrocarbons that exist and has many different uses.There are many ways in which this dust can be produced, such as the too hot baking of your fries. The beautiful brown color you get contains acrylamide. The fabric is also included in chips, gingerbread, Speculaas, coffee and possibly anything that is exposed to heat. (At temperatures above 170 degrees, although the formation may already begin above 120 degrees.)

This substance works irritates the skin and in the lungs and it also works on your nerves.If you get a high dose, more health problems can occur but it is usually survival. The substance is also associated with cancer because it has been shown in laboratory animals. It is only unknown to what extent the substance increases your chances of cancer and how much you should get inside.

Fortunately, it is only at a reasonably high dose poisonous and your body can break it down perfectly.You can also take it into account when you are preparing food by keeping a thermometer at your baking pan and ensuring that your baking grease or oil does not get warmer than 170 to 200 degrees. I bake in oil nowadays, where I heat it up to 200 degrees to quickly scrub meat close and then let the temperature sink to 120 degrees to continue baking. The oil or butter will remain pale yellow in color instead of beautiful brown, but that brown colour is created by carbon particles because the butter/oil simply burns. Yellow is healthier! And if you want to have it darker, mix a dash of red port through it!

Or what I do: mix a little spinach with the oil while baking.Then you have no jus but a healthy meal, provided you don’t go above 120 degrees.

And besides all of that: It also comes free when burning a cigarette.

See this KWF Web page acrylamide and cancer

Monomer is formed as carbohydrates over the 120毛拧c are heated (toast, fries, potato chips), in mice and rats become more cancerous, in humans as yet unclear, therefore the advice to limit the intake of monomer.

In addition to the nutrition centre, Wikipedia also gives a statement: acrylamide-Wikipedia

At high dosages it can be harmful, but not normally.

The Nutrition Center gives a good answer, acrylamide | Nutrition Centre

According to Wikipedia, the substance is created by adding water to acrylic nitrile.Acrylonitrile, sometimes referred to as acrylic nitrile, is a colourless, highly flammable, extremely toxic, organic liquid with a slightly almond-smelling but irritating scent.By small contaminants The liquid can also be yellow in color. The substance is an important basis for the manufacture of plastics such as polyacrylonitrile,

World production in 2002 is estimated at 5 million tonnes per year.Acrylonitrile-Wikipedia


Acrylamide occurs when carbohydrate is heated.The substance is cancer-inspiring. So it is better not to roast bread too dark or bake fries too brown. That are situations wasrin monomer arises. The fabric is also used as a raw material for polyacrylamide, a fibre.

I want to make your wiser and not banger: acrylamide and cancer investigated

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