Under the CMP, the US MT(ASCP) credential becomes MLS(ASCP)CM and the MP(ASCP) credential becomes MB(ASCP)CM. If the individual chooses not to complete CMP in the future, the “CM” will be removed and the initials of the credentials will revert to MT(ASCP) or MP(ASCP) with no expiration date.

Beyond what is MB ASCP?


One may also wonder how long it takes until you get ASCP results?

ASCP exams are scored from 0-999, with 400 generally being a passing score. Upon completion of the exam, you will receive an unofficial pass/fail result at the exam center. Your official results report will be available to you within four working days.

What does the superscript cm mean here?

The superscript “CM” after your certification proof indicates that you have successfully completed the CMP certification have maintained. (See Reinstatement for expired BOC certification on page 12.)

How many CE credits do you need for ASCP?

ASCP members have over 300,000 CE credits through Member Unlimited CE Credits Earned Package The online learning portal is an easy and affordable way to earn all the CE credits needed to meet your BOC CMP credit requirements.”

How do I renew my expired ASCP credit Certification?

Reinstatement for expired BOC entitlements*. If you have a temporary entitlement and allow your eligibility to expire and then request reinstatement, you must submit a completed declaration form , which documents all advanced training earned within the last three years, as required by your qualification category.

How do I find my ASCP certification number?

On the ASCP website, go to “My Account” and then to “Membership” and then n on “Display/print membership card”. This badge shows both your membership card and certification number.

What is the difference between ASCP and AMT?

While ASCP works to improve clinical pathologists and laboratory professionals, AMT an organization promoting allied health professionals such as Medical Laboratory Technicians, Dental Assistants, Medical Assistants and Allied Health Instructors.

How do I pay for my ASCP exam?

Applications must be submitted online and payment must be made within 30 days of the start of the application. New Applicant

  1. All applications are filled out online.
  2. Create an ASCP account and start the application.
  3. Verify your contact information.
  4. Select Correct Exam and Pay Fee.

Is the ASCP exam hard?

Answering a question correctly will make your next question something be more difficult. If you get the wrong answer, your next question will be a little easier. Most ASCP exams have 100 multiple-choice questions, but because the questions vary in difficulty, each may be worth a different score.

How do I send my transcripts to ASCP?

ASCP Certification Committee. If a degree is required to meet eligibility requirements, you must request that an official college/university transcript be mailed to the ASCP BOC office. You should allow at least 10 business days after receiving the transcript for processing.

Which states accept ASCP certification?

While certification is not a statewide requirement, there are a number of states that require it a license or certification to practice including California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Tennessee, West Virginia and the Territory of Puerto Rico.

What does BS MT ASCP stand for?

BSMT. Bachelor of Science in Medical Engineering.

How do I write ASCP certificates?

1. The certification is listed before (ASCP) or (ASCPi) without a comma or space, followed by the superscript “CM” if applicable. 2. If any of the categories is MT or MLS, it should always come before (ASCP) or (ASCPi) as listed above, regardless of chronology.

How much does it cost to renew ASCP certification?

Required Fee:. The ASCP BOC Credential Maintenance Program (CMP) is $95 for three years* (paid to ASCP). This is REQUIRED to maintain your PA(ASCP) certification.

How do I pass ASCP?

All you need is 400 points to pass the exam. Most students give a score of 600 or more after taking our quiz. Each test has between 10 and 25 points depending on how easy or difficult the question is. For those tests where you don’t know the answer, trust your first instinct.

How do I get a copy of my ASCP certification?

Individuals obtain an ASCP Board of Certification ( BOC ) Wall Certificate when re-accredited. If you are in the first three year cycle of your qualification and would like to order a replacement wall certificate, you can order one online through the ASCP website.

What is the ASCP exam?

The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) is an organization that serves medical laboratory professionals in the United States and worldwide by providing networking opportunities, advocacy and community events, continuing education, and professional qualifications for many laboratory-based careers.

How much does the ASCP exam cost?

ASCP exams and costs. Each of these certification exams has their own associated fees and costs, ranging from just over $100 to over $500, although most average in the $200 range. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable and can be paid by credit card or check.

How do I apply for the ASCP exam?

Application Process

  1. Your choice Your exam category and eligibility path.
  2. Gather the required documentation and send it to:
  3. Log in or create an ASCP account.
  4. Send complete the online application and fee.
  5. Monitor the application status.
  6. Wait for the eligibility notification email.
  7. Schedule your exam date.
  8. Prepare for exam day.

Is ASCP membership required?

You do not have to be a member of the ASCP or another professional organization to become ASCP certified or to maintain your certification. To be certified, an individual must meet the BOC eligibility requirement for the certification category and pass the exam.

Does ASCP accept pace credits?

P.A.C.E. ® Credits accepted from: American Medical Technologists (AMT) American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)