$26.54 million (2017)

Also, what is Kevin Durant‘s current contract?

Superstar forward Kevin Durant‘s $164 million, four-year contract with the Brooklyn Nets was signed reportedly has a player option for the final season. According to Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes, Durant may step out in 2022 and have his reigns free again.

Also, who’s the highest-paid NBA player of 2019? LeBron James is the highest-paid NBA player of 2019-20 at $134 million.

  • Kevin Durant: $107.3 million.
  • Russell Westbrook: $82.8 million.
  • James Harden : 80.9 million.
  • Kyrie Irving: $75.8 million.
  • Klay Thompson: $69.9 million.
  • Chris Paul : $68.1 million.
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo: $67.1 million.
  • Damian Lillard: $64.2 million.

Do you also know Kevin Durant‘s net worth?

In 2016, Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors, where he signed a two-year, $54 million contract with them. As of 2020, Kevin Durant‘s net worth is $170 million, making him one of the highest paid NBA players in the world.

Who is the highest paid Golden State Warrior?


Player Age 2020-21
Klay Thompson 30 $35,361,360
Andrew Wiggins 25 $29,290,000
Draymond Green 29 $22,246,956

How much does Kevin Durant make with Nike?

Kevin Durant: $25 million, Nike. Durant‘s seven-year rookie footwear deal with Nike was worth $60 million (bonuses added millions as sales picked up and Durant earned a league MVP and four scoring title won). In 2014, he signed a 10-year extension with the sportswear giant worth up to $300 million, including royalties.

How much is Magic Johnson worth?

After winning of championships in high school and college, Johnson was selected as the overall pick by the Lakers in the 1979 NBA draft. As of 2020, Magic Johnson’s net worth is about $600 million and he is one of the richest athletes in the world.

What is Stephen Curry’s salary?

37.46 Million US Dollars (2018 )

What is the net worth of LeBron James?

LeBron James Net Worth: 480 million US Dollars. James makes about $40 million in salary a year and yet another $55 million in endorsements. He has endorsement deals with several well known brands including Nike, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Coca-Cola and more.

How old is Stephen Curry?

32\\ years (March 14, 1988 )

Can the Warriors hold all of them?

The short answer is that the Warriors will have limited opportunities to further improve the team if they re-sign Durant as they are clearly over will be the ceiling and deep in the luxury tax for the foreseeable future. So if Durant stays, there will be great incentive to stick everyone together at all costs.

How much is Charles Barkley worth?

Barkley was drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers as a junior with the 5th of the 1984 NBA draft. As of 2020, Charles Barkley’s net worth is estimated at $40 million.

How much does Kevin Durant make in free agency?

The Knicks can easily Reaching $70.5 million in space, enough to land Durant a four-year, max $164 million contract (starting at $38.15 million) and Irving a four-year, max $140.6 million contract (32, $7 million for 2019-20).

Who is the lowest-paid player in the NBA?

Who is the lowest-paid basketball player in the NBA ? Cyril O’Ryan, played, coached and observed for 25 years. A regular G-League player makes $35,000 for 5 months if he doesn’t get drafts.

Who signed Kevin Durant?

Durant reportedly signs four- Annual contract with Nets. Kevin Durant is likely to miss the 2019-20 season after tearing his Achilles tendon at The Finals three weeks ago. NEW YORK (AP) – Kevin Durant is joining the Brooklyn Nets and is leaving the Golden State Warriors after three seasons.

How much is Kobe Bryant worth?

Kobe Bryant’s $600 million fortune : How He Won On – And Off – The Court.

How rich is Carmelo Anthony?

In 2020 Carmelo Anthony net worth is $120 million which makes him the 18th richest power NBA player in the world.

Who has the highest salary in the NBA?

The 24 highest paid players in the NBA for the 2018-19 season

  1. Stephen Curry – $37.5 million. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images.
  2. Blake Griffin – $31.9 million.
  3. Gordon Hayward – $31.2 million.
  4. Kyle Lowry – $31 million.
  5. Paul George – $30.6 million.
  6. Mike Conley – $30.5 million.
  7. James Harden – $30.4 million.
  8. Kevin Durant – $30 million.

How much is Westbrook worth?

Russell Westbrook’s net worth. It is estimated that by the age of 30, Russell Westbrook’s impressive career has already earned him a net worth of approximately $125 million per Celebrity Net Worth.

Why would Kevin leave Durant Warriors?

The move comes after Durant underwent surgery to repair a torn Achilles tendon. He left Game 5 of the NBA Finals with an injury and is expected to miss the upcoming season if he recovers. Prior to his appearance in Game 5, Durant had not played for Golden State since injuring his calf against the Rockets on May 9.

What is Dennis Rodman worth?

Dennis Rodman Net Worth, Career Income and Salary: Dennis Rodman is an American former professional basketball player, actor, and political diplomat who has a net worth of $500,000.

What is LeBron’s salary?

$37.44 million (2020)