What is jealousy in narcissism?

My view of things (copied from my comment a couple days ago):

The stronger the feelings in a person (in response to an external event) the more intensely one “lives” this moment.Memories are created that are linked to emotions. The more fear, helplessness, feeling devalued or rejected at certain moments of life are felt, the higher the probability that such moments will result in incisive memories. The difficulty is that after such a “trauma” a person releases the same biochemical cocktail in his brain/body every time he thinks about it… You go through the same thing over and over again. So if you look at a narcissist who has suffered trauma in his life (I don’t mean war time, rape or death of a close friend… I now assume the less “acute” but continuous deprivation of love, devaluation, rejection)… and it relives again and again subconsciously (fear, pain, hatred, anger, frustration) in such a biochemical process switches to “survival mode” to the need to escape such a situation at all costs (defensive posture, manipulation) and to itself (I injure others before they hurt me).

What happens subconsciously is a kind of “thinking” what you can/will do to never be at the mercy of this situation again.Based on the pain of the past, one subconsciously thinks about his future and what will happen/can happen in worst case scenarios… feels the pain one would feel (which actually does not exist, but an “echo” of the pain of the past). Man stiffens up on this pain and is so focused on avoiding it that he doesn’t really perceive or let’s get to himself beautiful things around him. The narcissist is too busy preparing for the next rejection (I repeat… Subconsciously… pure biochemistry).. always waiting for it… keep its “guns” up. The brain is always on alert (inner restlessness) and he constantly scans his surroundings and the people around him for a sign that something is wrong… that one does not love/respect/reject him enough. If any minimal sign of rejection becomes apparent to the narcissist, he will be able to match the conditioning he has been able to claim as self-protection. His body releases the same chemical that the narcissist associates with his trauma and basically reacts to the pain of that time (-> narcissistic rage). For a neurotypical person, it’s a simple meal with friends or even a phone call or something like that… for the narcissist a knife into the “original wound” (rejection, deprivation of love, devaluation -> helplessness, anger, frustration).

In my opinion, this is the reason why the reactions are much more severe than in neurotypical individuals.

But otherwise it is the same jealousy that many neurotypical people feel….only more violent.