What is it like to earn 100 euros an hour?

As Walter Binder has already pointed out, it is probably more about agencies or freelancers who charge 100 euros an hour.Larger end customers from different areas are willing to pay these hourly rates.

Here is also why you have to take at least between 70 and 90 euros hourly in Germany in order to be able to bear your costs: How much does a freelance software developer earn per hour?

So if you want to be successful as an agency/freelancer in the long term, you have to take these high-looking hourly rates.

Of course, such an hourly rate of private individuals, self-employed and small businesses is rather difficult to cope with.Nevertheless: For a locksmith, plumber, etc. you already pay about 100 euros an hour. But it doesn’t work out that much.

For a qualified software developer or web expert, 100 euros an hour should not be too much.

Many agencies also rely on freelancers who take about 60 euros to 70 euros an hour.Or to software developers from India to expand their teams in order to reduce their costs and increase their expertise.

The answer of Walter Binder is of course interesting:

Of these 12,000,- then are the office costs, and the costs for e.g. a secretary to deduct and so from “100,- Euro the hour” remain still 6,000,- profit and 3,500,- to 4,000,- net, and behold, we move and very fast in the range of 20,- to 25 ,- Euro the hour.

It is important to have the right offer here.A small business owner may have 2000 euros for a website. Then you would have to divide that by 100. Then you get to 20 hours of effort. With the right tools, you can create a website in these 20 hours.

Otherwise, one would have to be consistently addressed to large companies/groups in Germany, of which there are very many in Central Europe.This starts with international corporations like Pepsi, Microsoft, Toyoto, etc. and continues with global companies in Germany such as Bosch, Porsche, BASF, etc. There are many calls for tenders. These are often also provided by personnel/IT intermediaries/IT service providers.

In addition, IT service providers, for example in the SAP area, not only bill 100 euros an hour, but rather according to daily rates a la 1700 euros for a junior consulant, 2200 euros for an experienced consultant and 2700 euros for a senior consultant (per day).That’s about 210 to 330 euros per hour.

I look forward to an interesting exchange.

Many greetings

Sascha Thattil

CEO and Project Manager at YUHIRO

Disclaimer: I provide with YUHIRO, software developer in India for agencies, IT service providers and IT departments in Germany.

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