What is going on with Hong Kong? Why do people protest?

People protest against an amendment in the law to regulate extradition of people who have committed a crime abroad, namely

In Macau, Taiwan and China.

The occasion was a man who lued his pregnant girlfriend to Tai Wan and murdered her there.He fled to Hong Kong and cannot continue.

He is now only indicted for fraud because he has pinned money from the bank account in the name of the girlfriend.

Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, wanted to quickly chase through the law without the three-week hearings.

The population became afraid of further interference by Beijing, degradation of the rule of law and deterioration of the attractiveness of HK as its location.

The situation escalated after a group of the demonstrators went ahead and set demands as resignation of Carrie Lam, finally parting from the law and even

Independence of HK.


Under the British there was no democracy (in ‘ 67 BV, demonstrators were shot by the police) and no participation at all.Hong Kong was a colony of the crown. After Margaret Thatcher agreed with Deng Xiao Peng that Hong Kong went back to China under the 1 Country 2 systems with its own mini Constitution The Basic Law, Mr. Patten New HK governor. This Patten was going to create all sorts of institutes, incorporate all kinds of democratisation initiatives into the law and play Sinterklaas by e.g. increase government salaries by 40%.

Portugal gave all the inhabitants of Macau the possibility of a Portuguese passport.The British, however, devised a fake passport for the HKers with which you could not go to the UK, a kind of a 2nd rangs passport.

In ‘ ‘ 97 flights many HKers abroad mainly Canada, Australia and the USA.For the price of 1 apartment in Hong Kong you could buy some houses in Vancouver nowadays also called Hongcouver mentioned by Canadians.

However, Hong Kong went for the wind and China profited from HK, then 27% of China’s GDP.Now about 4%.

However, due to the changes in the global economy, Hong Kong is becoming increasingly distrlocated. Income inequality is increasing (most multimillionaires in the world), housing prices are priceless (highest in the world for decades)

And competition in the job market is growing.All the problems that other places also have, but then squared.

-Hong Kong has no taxes such as VAT, very low income taxes, import duties, etc.The government gets money in by leasing building land to developers. The system keeps the supply low and the prices becoming more priceless.

-Price inflation partly by purchasing power of Chinese from the mainland.They also buy properties in HK.

-There is a lot of friction by the large number of Chinese tourists, day traders and women from mainland medical facilities.

The protests are becoming smaller but also more radical.What they want is not possible or even desirable.

Othe big problem is China that wants to have full power over Hong Kong.China has its own ideas on democracy, human rights and freedom. In China you get a little easier in jail if you have a wrong opinion. In China, the democratic process is so regulated that you can only vote for the right people. In China, people have more room for manoeuvre, because in Hong Kong one is really on each other’s lips. (About 6500 people per km2; how do they still find space to demonstrate, I think)

Earlier protests were about hiring a civil master who was on the hand of China.Now the protests were about delivering criminals to China. What’s against delivering criminals? You can also be criminal if you have a wrong opinion.

Do the demostrants play it smart?I think that the enormous population density is also putting pressure and that people can feel very frustrated. These frustrations are also reacting.

China has a very patient way of expressing its own wise policy.Do not succeed now, then later. War is rather not done, because you can also get all the pressure and threaten. After Hong Kong, Taiwan is also on the wish list. Taiwan is an insurgent province.

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