What is completely normal in Europe, but taboo in other places in the world?

In America, it is completely taboo to eat horse meat.When I told Americans about the Sinterklaas feast and how we face ourselves as blacks and threaten to kidnap children to Spain when they are naughty they also fell back. Although America is the country of the pornography, talking about sex in public or in music videos is taboo (rap-music is being wiped out or censored). Drinking alcohol during the day during lunch, or even alcohol in the wagon have somewhere other than in the cargo compartment, taboo. Swearing on public television is taboo. Make jokes about God, or the Symbols of America (the flag), taboo. Be disbelieving, taboo. Social safety net and prosperity State, taboo. Lactating in public, taboo. Small children get naked walking around, taboo.

It does not mean that all these things are not done in America, but it is done secretly.

In Europe is unmarried a (hotel, AirBnb) room share is the most normal thing in the world, however, by law in many countries where Islamic laws apply (a.o. Morocco, Airbnb in Morocco: Unmarry couples not welcome, Malaysia unmarried couples Caught in Malaysia Hotel raids, Dubai https://www.expatriatehealthcare…) Prohibited.Many countries have special religious police who have the right to invade hotel rooms to check whether the couples are Officially married….

Furthermore, on the streets kiss each other, hugging in many oriental countries 鈧?艙not done 鈧? in countries where Islamic laws apply punishable.

Here in Europe, many older people live alone.They do their own groceries, their own chores around the house, make their own food and do many other things alone. The people who are lucky have dear relatives who keep them company and take care of them. The people who are not so鈩?N lucky, have no one who can call them for the little things or just to say 鈧?虄hallo . When I went to work in home care, I ended up with many elderly people, and some were really proud of their independence, but most of them felt truly lonely.

In my native country and also many countries in South East Asia, it is taboo for elderly people to live alone.Most of the older people live with at least one of their children and take care of their parents. The other children are expected to share their care and life costs, especially since many of these countries have no allowance for the elderly. Here it is normal to place your parents in a retirement home, but that is the biggest sin you could ever have against your parents, especially if you have dear parents. Even if you really have devilish parents, some cultures have the same expectations of children to care for their own parents.

There have been changes In some countries.Many people don’t have as many children as they did in ancient times, so it’s hard for a child to do everything for their parents. And in many countries, you have to work through until you can no longer, so there is no one at home to take care of the elderly parents, and only for those who can pay for it there is help. In other countries, elderly people who have spared to go to a retirement home or a care home can. They know what to do, they do what they have to do to take care of their own lives. It is not ideal and is still disapproved but sometimes it is the best solution for the family.

In Europe, nudity is less difficult to deal with.With nice weather people show a lot of skin and nudist recreation on beaches, holiday resorts and in Sauna s is quite common.

Europe, in any case Western Europe, is quite secular.Religion plays a smaller role than in the rest of the world and criticizing God or of religion is normal.

Despite all the shortcomings in this area, the position of women compared to the rest of the world is most favourable.In other areas, a woman is seen primarily as a daughter, spouse or sister of a man. In Europe (and North America, Australia and New Zealand) A woman is seen a person.

There is fairly relaxed with sexuality being dealt with compared to the rest of the world.Homosexuality is also relatively well accepted.

In Europe, the individual is central.In Other cultures It is often the family, the clan, the religious congregation or the nation that is central and to which the individual is subordinate.

I fear that you will get too few interesting answers if you only ask this question in Dutch.You will probably get a lot of comments from a Dutch perspective. In addition, I already see two answers that limit themselves to a typical difference with America and Arabia.

But well 鈧?”I’m doing an attempt.

Compared to other continents and countries outside of Europe, the desire for togetherness between the EU countries is something that little is found elsewhere in the world.Okay, we have an EU that not everyone is happy with and where not everything is cake-and-egg, but we are striving for it and regret it and, in fact, unimaginable that a country like England does not want to do more.

Outside the EU, M.I. national enemy thinking is relatively larger, stronger.The countries and their people are less in control of a humane thinking that extends beyond its own border paets. Of course there is a strong portion of nationalism here and there, but the majority is still Before fraternization and cooperation, especially when it comes to human values and freedoms.

How does that translate to 鈧?艙perfectly normaal 鈧?and a 鈧?艙taboe 鈧?/i> ?Perhaps this reflects the best at political level. Because also in my area I will look at it when someone walks around with a weird dress or other behaviour. But that is also the same. A short-lived wonder, followed by recognition. For that other is also a man. And as long as we consider each other to be sovereign and equivalent, we do not store each other’s harses and hold a hand above each other’s head when it comes to it.

This system is ensured by our collective sense of democracy and politics.That is not a good 100%, but we can do much better than elsewhere. That is why I am proud of my European background and 鈧?”forward, yet a little nationalism 鈧? the role of the Netherlands in the EU on a number of fronts.

Gymt 鈧?娄

In Many parts of Europe, people are not too busy to be naked, although there are certain rules.There are several areas where it is very normal to walk e.g. topless or even naked. Anyway, everywhere in Europe the rule is that if a man is allowed to walk topless somewhere, then women should.

And if you run naked through the streets, you usually only get a warning or a fine.In any case, no serious penalties.

In Germany it is also quite normal to sunbathe in parks naked, although the climate does not always permit it long.

In France, there is even Cap D Agde where a large area is just meant for nude recreation, which means that a whole village is actually constantly naked.

In Spain it used to be no problem to walk around in Barcelona, although they have tightened up the rules nowadays.

But also posters on walls and TV commercials can contain a lot of nudity without people getting very busy.Okay, it used to be somewhat violently reacted to the advertising of Fa because a topless woman jossed through the image. But yes, then we had only two missionaries…

The film Eurotrip (2004) also had a nice quote about This: Cooper: You know America was founded by Prudes.Prudes who left Europe because they hated all the kinky, steamy European sex that was going on. And now I, Cooper Harris, will return to the land of my perverted forefathers and claim my birthright… Which is a series of erotic and sexually challenging adventures.

And that shows how Europe actually differs from the USA 鈧?娄.

Criticize religion.

In Europe, it is permissible to criticise religion, but in many countries in the world this can pose problems or even a prison sentence. [1[2 [3

Thank you for asking me this question C脙 漏 line D脙 漏 camps (Quora user).


[1 year and a half cell for Indonesian woman after complaint over loud mosque

[2 also Soekarno’s daughter affects the revenge of the Islamists in Indonesia

[3 Former governor Ahok of Jakarta early released after cell punishment for profanity

I recently received an introduction to Japanese business etiquette.
In Japan It is extremely rude to get your nose where others are BJ.You can better get your nose. To muzzles your nose without getting you off.
I don’t know if that is a taboo, but I found it very noteworthy nonetheless.

Here in Europe, a couple can effortlessly kiss each other in public, but in Saudi Arabia they are arrested without pardon by the moral police.

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