Ceased Operations means cessation of business operations for any reason other than transfer, termination, non-renewal or repurchase. This also includes the abandonment of the branch by a franchisee.

Against this background, what does it mean to cease operations?

: particularly gradual termination: they were no longer forced to continue the cease operations cease to exist. Intransitive verb 1a : To find an end, the fighting gradually ceased. b : to stop an activity or action : to stop they were commanded to stop and refrain from it.

Similarly, what is the synonym of stop?

stop. Synonyms: interrupt, stop, refrain, abstain, interrupt, end, refrain, end, pause, stop. Antonyms: incessant, never-ending, everlasting, constant, incessant.

How do you use the word stop?


  1. intransitive verb. When something stops, it stops to happen or to exist. [formal] By one o’clock the rain had stopped.
  2. transitive verb. When you stop doing something, stop doing it. [formal] He never ceases to amaze me. The secrecy of the President’s condition no longer mattered.
  3. transitive verb.

What is the difference between “stop” and “seize”?

The verb to stop (rhymes with peace) means to cease, to cease, or to bring to an end. The verb confiscate (rhymes with sneeze) means confiscate, confiscate, or seize by force. The compound verb “seep up” means “to stop suddenly”. To take the turn (or after) means to take note of something.

What is the synonym for gazes?

gaze, gaze, stare, gape, peek, fix the gaze, Focus. look, look, look. observe, examine, study, inspect, scan, scrutinize, survey, scrutinize, ponder, ponder. see, observe, look at, note, notice, note, mark, check. to spy, behold, spy, eye, behold, see, eye, eye.

Will stop or will stop?

Stop comes from Old French cesser , meaning “to come to an end“, ” to go away”, “give up” or “give in”. Although quit often appears in the past tense with “-ed”, quit is common to talk about things when they are coming to an end.

What is it called when a business is closing?

Closure is the term used to refer to the actions required when the continuation of a business or other organization is no longer necessary or possible. When an organization has debts that cannot be paid, it may be necessary to liquidate its assets.

What does finished mean?

Verb (no object used ), stopped, stopped.. to stop; cease: Not all medieval beliefs ceased to exist. come to an end: Finally the war has stopped. Obsolete. die; to die out.

What does ceasing to be mean?

ceasing to be. To die, to pass away or to cease to exist. (Used without a qualifying verb, noun, or adjective; otherwise, the setting refers to the verb, noun, or adjective only—e.g., “no more conversation.”) ceased.

How to use seizure in one sentence?

Examples of seizure in one sentence. He suddenly took the lead on the final lap of the race. He grabbed her arm. He tried to snatch the gun from him. She was kidnapped by kidnappers and taken to a hidden place.

What is the noun form of confiscate?

Answer: Construct the verb ‘confectuate’ from the abstract noun ‘seizure’.

What does “you never stop surprising me” mean?

Definition of “never stop surprising”. —used as an expression of used emphatically to say that one is always amazed by something or someone. You never cease to amaze me. Your courage never ceases to amaze me.

Will miracles never end?

Wonders never end. an expression of surprise used when something unusual or unexpected happens: Lynda actually managed to get up before ten o’clock.

What is the correct meaning of the word sleepiness?

tired . Drowsy means sleepy and lacking in energy. Drowsy comes from an Old English word meaning “to fall” and evolved to “to fall asleep”.

What is a crease?

1 : a line, mark, or bump, which arises by or as if by folding a flexible substance. 2 : a specially marked area in various sports, specifically: an area around or in front of a goal (as in lacrosse or hockey). Verb. crumpled; fold.

What is the antonym of frenzy?

Frenzy. Antonyms: calm, serenity, composure, coolness, sanity, sobriety, equanimity. Synonyms: fanaticism, madness, frenzy, rage, fire.

What part of speech is stop?


Part of speech: intransitive verb
Inflections: stops, stops, stops
Definition: stop or come to an end. After four days the rain stopped. Synonyms: interrupt, end, end, stop, end Antonyms: continue, begin Similar words: interrupt, check, complete, refrain, die, stop, keep, let down, give up, pass, suspend

What does the prefix con mean?

The prefix con-, meaning “with” or “through and through”, occurs in many English vocabulary , for example: Connect, Consensus, and Close.

Will no longer exist?

Refers to a condition, agreement, company, etc. that once existed or existed. The terms assumed by the order cease to exist (since it is no longer vacant), and the order itself effectively ceases to exist, or in any case is no longer in force.

What does ?mean

The Meaning of OF. OF means “Old Fart” So now you know – OF means “Old Fart” – don’t thank us. JW! What does OF mean?

What does collections cessation mean?

If you’re being hounded by a collections agency, a cease and desist order can be a powerful way to get the harassment pause. Writing a formal cease and desist letter that you send in the mail means that a collector is legally required to cease all contact. Their only option is to sue you in civil court.