The term Hemichordata—from the Greek hemi, meaning “half,” and chorde, meaning “string,” thus, “half-chordate”—was first proposed because the buccal diverticulum, a tubular outgrowth from the mouth cavity forward into the proboscis, or “snout,” resembled a rudimentary notochord—the dorsal, or back-side, supporting axis

In which group is Balanoglossus classified?


What is Hemichordate collar?

Hemichordates are distinguished by a tripartite (threefold) division of the body. At the forward end of the body is a preoral lobe, behind this is a collar, and last comes a trunk. The name “hemichordate” means “half chordate,” and hemichordates share some (but not all) of the typical chordate characteristics.

What is the difference between Hemichordata and Chordata?

Hemichordates are worm-like, marine animals while chordates live in water, land, and air. The main difference between Hemichordata and Chordata is that Hemichordata contains an epidermal nervous system whereas Chordata contains a central nervous system. Both Hemichordata and Chordata contain pharyngeal gill slits.

Similarly, who coined the term Hemichordata?

The name of this group was coined by Bateson (1885) and usually is considered to be a subphylum of the Chordata. INTRODUCTION TO THE HEMICHORDATA. The acorn worms are sluggish benthic marine animals with a head-like preoral region, a collar, and a worm-like body.

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What is the larva of Balanoglossus?

A tornaria is the planktonic larva of some species of Hemichordata, like Balanoglossus. It is very similar in appearance to the bipinnaria larvae of starfishes, with convoluted bands of cilia running around the body.

What is the species of Balanoglossus?

Class Enteropneusta Gegenbaur, 1870 – acorn worms, acorn-worms, acorn-worms
Family Ptychoderidae Spengel, 1893
Genus Balanoglossus delle Chiaje, 1829
Direct Children:
Species Balanoglossus apertus (Spengel, 1893)

How do Hemichordates reproduce?

Hemichordates have separate sexes. In some species of hemichordates reproduction is asexual and accomplished by the breaking up of the adult’s body or by budding. Asexual (ay-SEK-shuh-wuhl) means without the uniting of egg and sperm for the transfer of DNA from two parents.

Why Balanoglossus is called tongue worm?

Balanoglossus- A Hemichordate. Balanoglossus secretes iodoform like foul smelling compound as a defense mechanism Balanoglossus is used as fish-bait by local fishermen. It is also called Tongue worm due to the resemblance of the proboscis & genital wings to Ox tongue.

What is the other name of Hemichordata?

Hemichordata are divided into two classes: the Enteropneusta, commonly called acorn worms, and the Pterobranchia, which may include the graptolites. A third class, Planctosphaeroidea, is proposed based on a single species known only from larvae.

Likewise, people ask, what is mean by Balanoglossus?

Definition of Balanoglossus. : a genus of marine burrowing wormlike animals that because of certain vertebratelike characters are not usually classed as chordates and made with certain closely related forms (such as Dolichoglossus) to constitute an order (Enteropneusta) of the Hemichorda.

What are the 5 characteristics of chordates?

The five characteristic features of chordates present during some time of their life cycles are a notochord, a dorsal hollow tubular nerve cord, pharyngeal slits, endostyle/thyroid gland, and a post-anal tail.

Keeping this in view, what are the examples of Hemichordata?

Acorn worm




Why Hemichordates are called acorn worms?

Acorn worm, also called enteropneust, any of the soft-bodied invertebrates of the class Enteropneusta, phylum Hemichordata. The front end of these animals is shaped like an acorn, hence their common name. The “acorn” consists of a muscular proboscis and a collar that may be used to burrow into soft sand or mud.

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Why Hemichordates are called half chordates?

The name Hemichordate, meaning half chordate, derives from their having only some characteristics of Chordates, while lacking others. The most distinguishing characteristic of the Hemichordates is a more primitive form of notochord, called a stomochord that contained a nerve system.

How do acorn worms reproduce?

Reproduction. Acorn worms are dioecious, having separate biological sexes, although at least some species are also capable of asexual reproduction. They have paired gonads, which lie close to the pharynx and release the gametes through a small pore near to the gill slits.

Are chordates vertebrates?

Phylum chordata: All chordates are deuterostomes, possessing a notochord. As chordates, all vertebrates have a similar anatomy and morphology with the same qualifying characteristics: a notochord, a dorsal hollow nerve cord, pharyngeal slits, and a post-anal tail.

Why is Balanoglossus not a chordate?

ADVERTISEMENTS: But the absence of notochord, dorsal position of pharyngeal gill-slits, external food collection, lack of distinct dorsal tubular nerve cord and many other features justify that it does not stand on the direct line of chordate evolution.

Why is Balanoglossus placed in the phylum Hemichordata?

Balanoglossus is an ocean-dwelling acorn worm (Enteropneusta) genus of great zoological interest because, being a Hemichordate, it is an “evolutionary link” between invertebrates and vertebrates. Hyman (1959), however, placed them near Echinodermata and gave Hemichordata a status of an independent phylum.

Why is Balanoglossus considered to be very close to echinoderms?

Explanation: Balanoglossus is considered to be related closely to Echinodermata due to certain similarities which are follows: Both have great power of regeneration that both can generate parts again very fast.

Is Balanoglossus a hermaphrodite?

Hermaphrodites means they are either unisexual or bisexual, Balanoglossus is not a hermaphrodite . It actually belongs to protochordata phylum. Only the animals belonging to annelida are hermaphrodites.