What is an unconventional way to stop climate change?

First of all, humans can never stop climate change, it is system-inherent in the Earth as an astronomical body, it has always existed since the Earth has an atmosphere.The whole media hype revolves around the assumed human factor in climate change. This is the guide to turn off this factor. What no one in the media dares to put in their mouths – Wait:

Step one: We are running out of fossil fuels, coal, oil, gas, because their stock is finite and in the not too long period of time their production requires more energy than can be obtained from the energy obtained (HarvestFactor/EROEI).This step does not cost us much, we simply have to wait and see. The calculated time when our demand exceeds availability is estimated:

Step two: We run out of artificial fertilizers because we run out of phosphates as well as the necessary mineral oil.

This happens when the demand for such fertilizer exceeds the maximum production. The peak is called phosphorus.Here, too, time is the key. This graph shows when we will run out of phosphates, but probably the experts have not taken into account the elimination of energy sources:

Always consider oil production and fertilizer production were always a reflection of consumption.

We did not set up any camps for the next centuries, what was produced was also used again to 99.9%. In the future, however, what can no longer be produced can no longer be consumed. Demand can no longer be met.

Step three: Without energy and with too little food, humanity adapts and reduces the world’s population.As less available food gradually leads to starvation deaths, and less energy leads to increased winter cold and summer heat deaths. It will hit cities in particular, where people simply no longer have the opportunity to self-sufficiency. Mass animal husbandry, meat industry will no longer be possible, transport routes must be short, transport costs will explode.

Step four: The remaining people will fight for remaining energy and food, and fighting in turn will reduce the number of people.

Final result:

Humanity will reduce itself to what the viability of the earth allows, pre-industrial.This is roughly comparable to the level around 1750. That was about 800 million people worldwide. Many of our cities will be abandoned and quickly recaptured from nature:

This will, above all, make the hearts of conservationists beat faster.

A reduction in population has been on their agenda for some time. Ultimately, the population explosion has been an indirect function of the availability of fossil energy. The population must settle where the needs can be met by nature.

Ultimately, it will turn out that climate change is actually our least problem.

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