What is a random thing that you know about the human eye that most people don’t know?

Still several things that are not really random:

  1. A very simple but great thing: there may be a lot more going on with your eyes than just ‘ need glasses ‘ or ‘ blind ‘ (white stick and sunglasses stereotype).

In my experience, the knowledge and understanding of most people, even highly educated, goes no further than that. Highly educated will still understand it when you explain that there is more, less savvy people continue to keep stug that you ‘ just have to have your eyes laze ‘. Not very though, but annoying if they pretend to know everything with their limited knowledge and they are super smart and original if they ask a visually impaired person ‘ why not just buy glasses ‘. Yes no we do not because we think it is super fun to see negative attention and reproof people on top of the hassle of less, such idiotic monsters we are.

  • Than basic anatomy of the eye: most people have no clue what the difference Is between the cornea, the iris, the pupil and the eyepiece.
  • Most seem to think that all of that is 1 thing. For example, as they ask someone with a fresh cornea transplant ‘ what are those threads in your iris? ‘.

  • A little less obvious and frustrating that most people do not know this, but still an important fact: the cornea is responsible for about 70% of focusing the light on your retina.
  • Not the eyepiece. As a result, changes in the shape, structure and clarity of the cornea have a great influence on your vision, which is not easy to correct (no, so NOT ‘ just a pair of glasses ‘! ).

  • Last but not least: clinically blind does not mean ‘ see nothing ‘.
  • It means that with an eye test you only get 5% (or 10%? ) or can indicate less well what an average person can do. That doesn’t mean you don’t see anything, chances are you still see sitting colors and shapes and you can move your daily independently. It means that your vision is not considered functional for this society.

    Edit: I am aware that this is not necessarily facts about the human eye except number 3 then.They are the things that I think the world would be better as people who knew. I know still sat other ‘ random ‘ things about the human eye because I am read, but those are not things that are really important to know for everyone.

    The image observed by the eyes is on the head and there is a hole in it (of the optic nerve), moreover it is at the edges more wazy than in the middle.It’s the brain that turns it around and it’s going to get out.

    Sometimes you can get mouches of volantes, that are black spots that move when you rotate the eyeball, but somewhat slower than the movement of the eyeball.These are unevenness in the glassy body, the jelly for the eyeball fills. This phenomenon usually goes by itself after some time.

    The cells on the front of the eye provide themselves directly with oxygen.

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